LIPA Deputy D/G Receives 2023 Humanitarian Award

A group under the banner, “Liberia Online Media Network,” has honored the Deputy Director General for Research and Consultancy at the Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) as the Best 2023 Personality and Humanitarian of year.

During the in-house program, the group through its Chairman, Sethon Kerbay said the award is in recognition of his years of hard work, commitment, dedication, and his continuous help to the needy especially during time of outbreaks and disasters.

Chairman Kerbay noted that not too many people will see the necessity of being what he termed as a good Samaritan. He cautioned the LIPA Deputy Director to continue fostering his good governance, good gesture as someone who possesses that kind of character he had built over the years.

The Liberia Online Media Network boss stressed the need for Liberians not necessarily in the disposal but locally to see the work of Director David Wa Hne as a means of providing deliberate help to cross-section of young people and adults as well.

Receiving the award, the Deputy Director General for Research and Consultancy at Liberia Institute of Public Administration David Wa Hne expressed optimism and gratitude to the organization’s acknowledgment and attributes the honor to the people of Liberia.

The Deputy Director for LIPA used the occasion to caution Liberians to be vigilant in changing the mindset and embrace giving help to needy something he said will enable government make positive strides and reduce backwardness and poverty in the country.

He underscored the importance of genuine reconciliation to prevent ongoing differences from hindering national politics and development.

He at the same time expressed gratitude to President-elect Joseph Nyumah Bokai for recognizing the necessity of reconciliation something which the institution had seen his efforts and decided to recognize his work.

Emphasizing that Liberia is bigger than any political party or individual, he highlighted the importance of unified support for government initiatives, stating that a divided country cannot progress.

Addressing the aftermath of political season, Hne stressed the need for the public to accept election outcomes, declaring, “Politics is over; now is the time to develop the country.”

He however, encouraged all Liberians to collaborate with the government-elect, asserting that such cooperation would lead to significant transformation and advancement for the nation something he said if done will actively contribute to the collective efforts of building a reconciled nation.

Liberia Online Media Network is a conglomeration of all online media outlets across the country that seek to enhance quality broadcast through Facebook live.

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