…Says Repentance, Baptism Overshadowed Him

By: Perry B. Zordyu

Monrovia:One of Liberia’s notorious warlords-turned Evangelist, now Senator of Nimba County, Prince Yormie Johnson has unleashed causes against those who continue to call him killer and at the same time throwing jibes at both opposition and imposition critics.

The ‘godfather’ of Nimba County politics called for an immediate seize of his character being assassinated because of the civil conflict that occurred in the country.

Evangelist Prince Johnson mounting the podium at the Christ Chapel of Faith Ministry in Paynesville said his critics have been dragging and linking him to the 14 years of civil unrest for many years something he said has no bearing on his biblical life as he has confessed and has been forgiven by God.

He added that it is meaningless for people to continually accusedhim of being a killer reminding his critics to understand the principles and doctrine of the Bible.

The political Evangelist reminded his critics especially those in Liberia and continually on social media that gone are the days to replicate wounds and root out old sores of painful desire by affected individuals due to what he called preventive battles that took away lives of thousands of Liberians.

Evangelist Johnson however stressed that there are jubilation and celebrations in Heaven over one sinner who repents for the scriptures shall be fulfilled adding that he has repented since and forgiven for which he has been baptised and born again.

“Tell the truth and it will set you free. Heaven will rejoice,Heaven will celebrate if one sinner confesses and repents. There will be lot of jubilation. So when you are talking nonsense about people in this country, all over the Facebook. Nonsense because it doesn’t make sense,” he told his critics.

He furthered, “If you say Prince Johnson is a killer, is a murderer, is a rouge, remember that I have repented, I have being baptised and being born again, so don’t be wasting your time, your energy and your voices to say I am a killer rather tell them that Prince Johnson was a killer, Prince Johnson was a rouge.”

The Nimba County Senator and Evangelist therefore urged Liberians to desist and repent from damaging his reputable character base on mere propagandas.

He spoke over the weekend at his Christ Chapel of Faith Ministry in Paynesville.

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