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Meet Our Expert Team: Driving Excellence in Liberia News Reporting

Alphonso Toweh
Founder, Publisher & CEO

Alphonso been in the profession for over twenty years. He has worked for many international media outlets  including: West Africa Magazine, Africa Week Magazine, African Observer and  did occasional reporting for CNN, BBC World Service, Sunday Times, NPR, Radio Deutchewells, Radio Netherlands. He is the current correspondent for Reuters.

Mr. Toweh holds first MA with honors in International  Relations and a  candidate for second master in International Peace studies and Conflict  Resolution.


Mark N.Mengonfia
Presidential Correspondent

Mark N.Mengonfia, trained Liberian journalist in women and human rights reporting. Trained by IREX, US Embassy and others and a student of Mass comm at the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU). Secretary General, Reporters Association of Liberia (RAL).

Mark is a senior student at a private university reading communication with emphasis in Public Relations. He speaks French and writes it as well. He focuses on all presidential stories as well as legislative issues. He is considered as the moving reporter. He  files stories from anywhere once he gets the opportunity. Good at reporting breaking news.

Joyclyne Wea  Judicial Reporter

Reports on Judicial and security issues from any part of the country. She is a sophomore student at a private university  reading Public Administration  and journalism. Most often on time to report. She believes in spot reporting.


Rosana Davies  Head, Business Dept

A graduating senior at a private university reading business administration with emphasis in Accounting. She has over three years of experience in marketing and office management.

Sylvester Harris  Layout Artist