Worst Are Yet To Come -As More Amazing Shocks in Store


A ‘Political chicken’ coming back to roost has sent a damning, shocking, grave and disturbing message to  the Alternative National Congress’ (ANC) Political Leader Alexander B. Cummings, with a sign of greater things to come, and absolutely calculated to wreck his political population, shrink his party’s numerical capacity and retire his gigantic ambition on an isolated political island.

Pundits noted that quite frankly, Senator Simeon Taylor’s return to the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) upon utilizing the available resources apportioned by the ANC on the platform of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) was a massive blow to Cummings’ political lens to see far beyond the horizon of ‘dollarism’ to stockpile his political bandwagon.

However, during a press conference held Monday, June 20, 2022 at his residence in Congo Town, Cummings said he is deeply disappointed over the action of Senator Taylor joining the CDC.

Cummings, who  termed as completely disappointing, the return of Grand Cape Mount County Senator Simeon Taylor to the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change said that Taylor ran on the ticket of the once formidable opposition bloc CPP and won the senatorial seat in Grand Cape Mount County in 2020, was a member of Cummings’ Alternative National Congress.

His campaign for the seat suffered violent attacks from his CDC rivals then, but he still won the seat with the backing of the opposition CPP which was made up of four political parties.

“My perspective on these things is that people will do what they think they need to do. Simon Taylor joining the CDC was disappointing but that is life,” said Cummings.

“Life in Liberia, politics and in the world, people will do what they think is in their interest and again, let me say we are disappointed,’’ Cummings noted with dismay and a bitter pill to swallow in this creeping politically charged moment ahead.

According to the ANC political leader, there are more people joining his party than a single person who is leaving the ANC.

Cummings, who have more unexpected frustrating blows to be landed on his political ambition as long as he does not think deeply and observe carefully, also brags that stated that the ANC recently registered over five hundred individuals just from a visit to Bomi County; but pundits pointed out that he should be mindful that the harder they come, the sooner they’ll quit.

He said that the focus of the ANC and the CPP is to continue to mobilize to get Liberians to understand their message of real change.

“We are expecting to lose more people between now to election. However, I promise you, we will gain significant move between now to election that will bring us victory,” said Cummings, again, political observer indicated that to begin losing members in time these including high profile, is disastrous, a bad political omen that is well on course to nightmare.

“So my focus is not on who left the original bloc, but how we can work now to change the system in our country,” he continued.

He argued that other countries near Liberia that are making [progress] are not better than Liberia. He said under a Cummings leadership, he will bring more investors and create job opportunities and better security protection, health and learning environment for the people, an overly worn-out political credo sounding in the wilderness.

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