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..Boakai Admonishes LMTI Graduates; As Institution Gets Over 20 Marine Engineers

By: Perry B. Zordyu

Monrovia-May-17-TNR:The Liberia Maritime Training Institute (LMTI) has graduated over 20 students with an Associate Degree in Marine Engineering.

Speaking at ceremony marking the 3rd Batch of Graduates, the Commissioner of Liberia Maritime Training Institute, Cllr. NetoZarzar Lighe said the over 20 graduates are fully equipped with knowledge and skills to embark on a remarkable career path at sea.

Cllr. Neto Zarzar Lighe noted that the heritage of internationally renowned and reputed maritime program built over the years is now the responsibility of the Marine Engineers to protect and carry forward in upholding the good image of the country.

The Commissioner General of Liberia Maritime Authority described this year’s graduation exercise as a momentous achievement the graduation of another exceptional class of Maritime Cadets adding that they are discipline, innovative and cable of fostering strong network in the working environment.

Cllr. Zarzar Lighe however, urged the Liberian Government to play a critical role in taking delivery steps by making the needed investment in providing and improving the infrastructure of Maritime Training Programs.

He stressed that strong infrastructure plays a critical role in effective training of future Cadets.

“Improving and expanding Maritime infrastructure at LMTI will enable us sit at a core of our vision. By doing this, the facilities at the staff quarter, academic centers should be renovated to have an easy access to well organized activities,” LiMACommissioner General added.

At the same time, the Chairman of the Liberia Maritime Training Institute, Abraham Zaidenberg has urged the graduates that the knowledge and skills acquired at the LMTI are only achievable in their future endeavour if they practically sustain and focus.

Mr. Abraham Zaidenberg reminded the over 20 graduates that as they set to seal on their career journey, an open sea through excellence is forge in discipline, commitment and innovation.

He added that the ocean demand unwavering focus and as such, adherence to maritime regulations are keen and will uphold the key reputation of the Liberian flag on their shoulders.

Also speaking, President Joseph Nyuma Boakai termed the 3rd Graduation as a significant occasion and a valuable milestone to the testament that could resolve the professionalism and decency in the governance system of the country.

President Boakai noted that the specialized and technical education provided will equip graduates with the marketable skills and expertise that are valuable for the Liberian economy and the global job market.

The Liberian leader added that graduates pursuing studies at this prestigious institution are generally placing themselves on an enviable track of human resources development.

“To the graduates, I say congratulations. I urge you not to take yourself just as scared. You are graduates who are going to be among those shining stars that help the name of Liberia rises so brightly in the comity of nations. The pride is not just for your family but your country and people who will derive the dividends of the seed of new skills you have achieved here today,” President Boakai added.

He furthered, “I should just challenge you to go out there and proudly raise the flag of Liberia to another height to proceed and never overlook the fight that you experience some good times, but you should also prepare for challenging times ahead. Your best strategy is to prepare yourself and stay strong. Knowing that you carry the hopes and aspirations of your family, community and your country. I have no doubt.”

Speaking to the 3rd batch of graduates at the Liberia Maritime Training Institute, President Boakai cautioned the graduates to be resilient in whatever that may confront them and take courage knowing that they are contributing to advancing the country’s national GDP.

The 3rd Graduation of the Liberia Maritime Training Institute was held in the City of Marshall, lower Margibi County and was witnessed by dignitaries of the Liberia Maritime Authority, top government officials as well as local institutions.

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