Editorial Solway’s Diminished Profile

When Solway Mining Company’s  Administrative Assistant and Public Relations Officer Bill Murphy disclosed how the company is contemplating on constructing state-the-of-art housing units for its employees,  by the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) as required by law will carry on the project whenever the company is ready, indeed, it is not only entertainingly comical but also exposes concessionally-embattled Solway of not being people-centered; instead, it strictly subscribes to the doctrine of degrading human value, dignity and the sheer disrespect for employees whose labors create its wealth.

Apart from shooting itself shamefully in the leg, Solway, a-supposed-to-be inclusively impendent company capable of conducting its operational obligations to comprise building housing units for its employees, would depend on Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) to undertake such cardinal concessional responsibility under the rubric of; is in keeping with law? That’s absolutely preposterous to say the least.

Struggling tremendously to please and appease all ends with both vested interests, and concern, Murphy, speaking to a team of journalists during a tour of the company’s operational site in Zorgowee Town, Nimba County on June 17, 2022 aimed publicly confirm or deny a media report that the company has built substandard housing facilities for its employee, also said Solway Mining Company has not started construction of any housing facilities for its employees. But how favorable is the living condition of its workers at the company’s operational site in Zorgowee Town, Nimba County besides an overnight ‘whitewashed’ planned tour of team of journalists to save face. If you need the people’s resources, it is incumbent upon you, Solway to uphold the tenet of clean respectability and honorability for them.

The diminishing profile of Solway stems from a maxim that one little child cannot roast two rats in a separate fire far away from each other, the irony is, while out there attending to the rat in another place, the other rat basically unattended to will surely get very burnt. Despite the hullabaloos about fully sharing the Liberian-based rail track to transport its iron ore out of Guinea to the Port of Buchanan, Solway without working much harder on its diminished profile totally anti-people’s comfort, pride (like decent housing facilities for its employees, graciously enshrined in its operational outlook) stepped off the curve without looking both sides.

Now caught with pants flatly down in the middle of an angry ocean, Solway is seen dealing with the intransigence of priding itself; in a modernized, sophisticated 21st Century, when the dignity of labor is a very important premium coupled with the high rating of comfort, joy, and respect for employees as inculcated: Solway is toying with the pride, hospitable and decent people of Liberia with “pre-historic-cave-men” oriented dwelling structures-mud huts, industrialists and political observers are urging Solway to Stop deceiving people because gone are the days when such tactics were applied at the detriment of the people tricked into accepting such inhumane treatment and facility with the notion that the real great housing unit will be available in the soonest, if not shortest time; absolute charade.

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