‘Strange Disease’ In Gbarpolu


-Over 300 Persons Already Affected

By Esau J. Farr

Latest report from Gbarpolu County speaks of a strange disease known as ‘schistosomiasis’ causing people to urinate and pass bloody stools in that western part of Liberia.

It is a disease that is widely gotten from snails in waters and lungworms which causes people to bleed from other openings of the body.

According to a local journalist in the area, health authorities of the county have confirmed that the number of people who are now known to be suffering from the disease over the weekend increased from twenty (21) one to three hundred and two (302) persons.

But Dr. Francis Kateh, Chief Medical Officer of Liberia confirmed on ELBC that 62 persons are already confirmed positive of the disease and warned citizens in the county to follow all preventive measures put in place by the Ministry of Health.

The report said those affected by the disease are mostly women and children including a pregnant woman whose health authorities have called for intensive and careful treatment for her and the unborn child she is carrying.

The news of the discovery of the disease broke out last week attracting the attention of health authorities, but it is far from being easily handled with some equating it to a near outbreak that needs to be treated or considered as an emergency to curb its further spread into other parts of the country.

It is alleged that the disease is gotten from water and therefore, health authorities have warned against any fishing activities in the Gbokomu District area, but the warning is said to be ignored by the women and their children as they are still fishing and bathing into creeks and rivers perceived to be sources of the disease.

It is believed that snails in the waters are responsible for spreading such disease according to health sources in the county.

The disease is reportedly causing its victims to bleed from their noses, nostrils and other openings on the human body. TNR

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