VP Taylor ‘Sick’


-Min. Tweah Discloses, VP Spokesman Says ‘No Comment’

Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel D. Tweah has revealed that Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor is ‘sick.’

According to Okay FM, the Finance Minister made the statement recently at the Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinion (CEIO) on Carey Street in Monrovia.

Appearing at the center in Monrovia, Minister Tweah revealed that the Vice President is sick, but said she and President George Manneh Weah are on good terms as leaders of the country despite public insinuations that there is a rift between them.

But when contacted regarding the revelation from the Finance Minister, the Spokesman of the Vice President, Solomon Ware said “there is no comment.”

According to Mr. Ware, Minister Tweah is a senior government official making such revelation and as such; he won’t comment further on the matter.

“No comment. The man is a top government official. The man said it. I cannot comment because the man has already commented,” Solomon Ware told The New Republic when contacted.

While discussing the minister’s statement on Okay FM Tuesday December 17, 2018, Liberians who called on the “Okay Morning Rush Program” condemned the statement, saying he is not the spokesman for the Vice President’s office.

According to them, the minister should have used the time to discuss the status of the economy as Finance Minister rather than discussing the health of the Vice President who office has spokesman.

“He’s not the spokesman of the Vice President and he shouldn’t discuss the health of the Vice President at that forum.

“Minister Tweah should be telling the status of our economy instead of speaking for the Vice President who has spokesman.

“The Finance Minister is speaking too much forgetting about his role in the government.

“The Minister should have used the time at the intellectual center to discuss financial status of the country,” those were some concerns from Liberians who called on the ‘Okay Morning Rush Program” on Monday December 17, 2018 in Monrovia.

However, there were some callers who came in defense of the Minister, saying he has done nothing wrong regarding his statement.

“Minister Tweah was not addressing a news conference, but he was responding to a particular question from the floor.

“What’s wrong saying the Vice President is sick? Minister Tweah is a senior official of the government and he has the right to speak on issue of such.

“You guys just want balloon this whole thing, but I see nothing wrong with the statement,” those were some views from callers who came in defense of the Finance Minister as well.

Meanwhile, Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs, Eugene Fahngon has defended Finance Minister Samuel Tweah, saying “he was making a political statement and not legal statement.”

“I see nothing wrong with the statement,” he added. TNR

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