Ellen Cautions Women


By Esau J. Farr

Former Liberian leader, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has cautioned Liberian women to leave social media and be focus and persistent in pursuing their dreams if they must be successful in the future.

The former Liberian President made the statement over the weekend in Monrovia when she served as keynote speaker at the launch of a women organization named and styled, ‘Shera Young Women Initiative’.

Madam Sirleaf told the women to leave the social media a bit and spend more time on dreaming and transforming them into realities as the surest ways in achieving their goals.

She reminded them that she and other women who are on the top ladder of world leadership were persistent and knew what they were seeking and planning to be at an expected time saying, “it does not come easy especially when one is spending more time having unnecessary funs, chats and posts on the different social media that have no future tangible benefits to impact others in this contemporary world.

She cautioned members of the group and Liberian women in general to dream big; dreams being persistent, noting that “if one follows his or she dream with a focus mind, he or she is bound to be successful by witnessing the realization of such vision.”

Madam Sirleaf who is seen and considered by many as one of the lead role models of women pride in Africa and the world at large reminded the women of her famous saying that went in history at the Harvard University that “if your dream does not scare you, then it is not good enough” admonished women of Liberia and Africa as a whole to dream dreams that will scare them.”

“Who here have been hearing what we said at Harvard University? Maybe you have forgotten, but we said, “if your dream does not scare you, then it is not good enough,” she said amidst a round of applause from participants at the program.

In response, women present at the ceremony promised to keep and follow the legacy left behind by the former Liberian President by empowering each other and upholding unity in all that they do.

The group through their leadership described the first female African President as a role model for all women of Africa and by extension, the world prayed for God’s continual blessings in her private life after leaving the Liberian Presidency, the highest position of the land.

Earlier, the head of the Shera Young Women initiative giving the overview and background of the organization said the vision behind the establishment of the organization was triggered by a general survey of the Holy Bible on the one-time popular religious radio show on Radio Advent 97.3 FM, “The Berrien Hour” hosted by Pastor Gemene G. Getteh of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Liberia specifically from the book of II Chronicles 7:21.

Madam Miatta Jerry told the gathering that it was based on the works of women in the Bible that increased her thirst to seeking means of helping to empower women by improving their living standards and individual wellbeing. TNR

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