Sinoe Woe Deepens

-As Rep. Zarzar Cautions Colleagues

Sinoe County for more than three months has been walloped up into crisis particularly amongst members of the County’s Legislative Caucus.

The crisis ranges from political supremacy, domination, and strong quest for power struggle by some Members of the Sinoe Legislative Caucus.

The Caucus’ members are made up of five Lawmakers including Representatives Jay Nagbe Sloh, Matthew Zarzar, Crayton Duncan, Senators J. Milton Teahjay, and Joseph N. Nagbe.

Crisis has always rocked the county stalling major socioeconomic and political developments and many at times, these Lawmakers are sometimes divided based on ideological differences or uniformity. They sometimes build alignment with their colleagues based on political interest.

There has been uneasiness amongst Caucus’ members of Sinoe County where members are not moving along with one another.

They have refused to speak to one another and to attend Caucus and some County Legislative functions.

Socioeconomic and political progress has been stagnated due to the ongoing political upheaval.

In order to remedy the crisis, their two Colleagues who serve as Chairs of the House’s Committee on Public Works, and the Senate’s Committee on Public Works took the Sinoe County Legislative Caucus in Bamako, Mali to inspect an investment entity facility that supposed to operate in Sinoe County.

Senator George T. Tengbeh of Lofa County and Representative Vincent Willie who have been unsettled by the political fever in Sinoe used the occasion for members of the Sinoe Legislative Caucus to extend olive branches.

Even though that was not the purpose of the assembly, but both Senator Tengbeh and Representative Willie were farsighted to allow the Lawmakers to smoke peace pipe aimed at enhancing political and economic existence in the County.

The Sinoe Lawmakers decided to bury their bitter past and forge a common front for the good of their county.

They drafted a peace accord committing themselves to withhold peace, tranquility and social cohesion despite any future political difference.

The Legislative Caucus of Sinoe County in Bamako, Mali elected Representative Matthew Zarzar as Chairman and Crayton Duncan as Co-chair.

After the peace deal, political tension has been breeding amongst members especially with members of the Caucus forming two blocks.

Senator Joseph N. Nagbe and Matthew Zarzar are tied to one end while Representatives Crayton Duncan, Jay Nagbe Sloh, and Senator Milton Teahjay have formed a united front.

The causes for the political split are due to some members trying to outperform or outshine their fellow Colleagues.

Some feel that they have too much authority over the others and are trying to establish their own order.

As the blocks are driven by ideological similarity and differences, the crisis seems far from ceasing as Caucus Members are prepared to challenge one another if nothing is done.

As a result of the split, three Lawmakers are standing against two. Senator Teahjay, Representatives Duncan, and Jay Nagbe Sloh are opposing Senator Nagbe and Matthew Zarzar. The three took a decision to suspend Senator Nagbe and expel Representative Zarzar as Chairman of the Legislative Caucus.

Representative Matthew Zarzar has different version of the crisis.

Speaking in an interview with reporters, Representative Zarzar said the conflict has always rocked the County thus impeding progress.

The Lawmaker mentioned that his plead is to make sure that the County is freed from theft and financial malpractices.

Representative Zarzar stressed that he has always had problems with the manner and forms in which Senator Milton Teahjay handles developmental projects in the County.

The Sinoe County Lawmaker indicated that many at times when money is given to Senator Teahjay, he mismanages the funds and refuses to give account on the usage of the money.

He mentioned that when he served as Chairman of the Caucus, over fifth Thousand United State Dollars was given to Senator Teahjay for road project, but he diverted the money to his personal use.

Representative Zarzar pointed out that seventeen Thousand United State Dollars was given to Senator Teahjay for road pavement but he could not live up to the terms and conditions.

The Lawmaker stressed that his quest is to make sure that Caucus Members are accountable and transparent whenever funds are entrusted to them.

He pointed out that Sinoe is greater than anyone else and cautions his colleagues to avoid financial malpractice and properly use the county funds.

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