...despite approval from gov

TUBMANBURG–Several people, both from Bomi and other places disrupted the operation of Western Cluster Limited late Friday ordering its  Trucks  with  ore to return to the mine.

Officials from the company said that they were given three days permission to take the ore which had been processed for  days. “We were given permit by the minister of Public Works because our ship is here so they granted us the permit. But to our surprise, many people came to block the road,” the official who declined to be name said.

Recently the president, Joseph Boakai called on Western Cluster to abide by the Mineral Development Agreement it and the Liberian Government.  The company had invested over 500millions United states dollars and planning additional investment.

However, several residents have condemned the disruption of Western Cluster operations saying it was totally unlawful.

“We think that action  by residents was bad. They had no right to stop the operation of the company after the government had given them permit. If for any reason, they should have asked the leadership in the county,” Mr. Amos Daniel a resident of Tubmanburg said.

Attached is the letter from the

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