Liberia News: 425 Officials Defy Boakai

... Over Assets Declaration Mandate

Monrovia-May-08-2024-TNR:It appears that declaration of assets by public officials is becoming a stumbling block to the realization of Joseph Nyumah Boakai’s agenda and quest for transparency and accountability in government as his officials are said to be evading the exercise which is demanded of them in keeping with law by and through the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC).

The nation was shocked to have learned yesterday from Executive Chairperson of the LACC, Cllr. Alexandra Zoe, that officials of the Boakai administration are dragging their feet in declaring their assets, divulging that out of the 500 appointments President Boakai has made thus far, only 75 persons have declared their assets have complied while the remaining 425 officials are yet to cooperate with the LACC. She did not name any government official.

“Based on the statistics of the LACC, the Liberian leader has appointed 500 officials and of that number, only 75 officials have declared their assets,” Cllr. Zoe stressed, while at the same time called on the seemingly defiant officials of government to proceed at the LACC and declare their assets before the last working day in July this year, the deadline for asset declaration.

She said by May 15, 2024, the LACC will carry on publication of those who are in compliance, and announced that the last working day in July 2024 is the annual declaration for public officials to declare their assets.

Cllr. Zoe added that officials of the new government have from January to July to declare their assets as enshrined in the Code of Conduct and the LACC Art, and added that the LACC will recommend to the Legislature and to the President for appropriate sanctions against officials who failed to declare their assets, as enshrined in the Code of Conduct.

Among sanctions to be imposed on those who failed to declare their asset according to the LACC boss, is the withholding of salaries, suspension of salaries and benefits, termination of contracts and appropriate actions to be determined by the President of Liberia as stated in the Code of Conduct.

Commenting on the issue of the challenges at the LACC, Cllr. Zoe said the Commission is challenged with the issue of funding something she said is strangulating the LACC in its fight against corruption.

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