…Dillon Angry With LACC Over Delay In Assets Declaration

By Washington Tumay Watson

Monrovia-May-09-2024-TNR:Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillion is said to be seriously angry with the Executive Chairperson of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) Cllr. Alexandra Zoe for not fully implementing the Code of Conduct on the assets and liability declaration by government officials.

According to the Senate Committee Chair on Executive, the Code of Conduct is very clear and instructive stating that,No room for flexibility. He said the Code of Conduct mandates that assets and liabilities be declared prior to taking office.  

Expressing his displeasure over the manner in which the LACC boss is proceeding with those government officials who have not declared their assets and liabilities, following the revelation published in the New Republic by the Executive Chairperson of the LACC, Cllr. Alexandra Zoe, Senator Dillon stated that  officials of the Boakai administration are dragging their feet in declaring their assets, divulging that out of the 500 appointments President Boakai has made thus far, only 75 persons have declared their assets while the remaining 425 officials are yet to cooperate with the LACC.

Senator Dullon in anger noted that the LACC has no authority to grant “deadline” for assets declaration. The Montserrado County Senator one of the strong campaigners for government officials to declare their assets before taking on their offices and an executive member of the Rescue Mission indicated that any government official who refuses to declare his or her assets is a gross violation for which the appropriate actions must be taken in keeping with the law.

He said the law calls for suspension, dismissal, withholding of monthly salary among others something that needs to be taken seriously by the LACC in line with the law. The Senate Committee Chair on Executive vowed to ensure that action is taking on their return to the Plenary Session next week adding, “We will make the case with our colleagues to summon the LACC over this matter.

He also urged government officials who have not declare their assets and liabilities to do so in keeping with the law and also publish it for all to see. He wondered, How difficult is this or is there for someone to hide.”

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