Quizzical Puzzle

By Mark N. Mengonfiammenginfia@gmail.com

MONROVIA-Report gathered by this paper has it that the administration of the Royal School System and parents of a child who was allegedly raped are providing conflicting accounts about the child’s health.

The parents’ [whose names were withheld for the safety of the child] accounts have it that when the child was picked from school, she had a cake of blood in her clothes, something they said, claimed their attention to have gone back to the school and have to register the matter to the administration.

“The boy who was bringing the child home was informed about what happened to the child so because the blood was coming (streaming) down on her PE’s clothes was already dried”, one of the parents said.

Reluctantly speaking, the biological mother of the child who claimed to have been sick for a period of time said, “When the child came, blood was on her.”

She indicated that when they visited the school to find out what has gone wrong to with their child, the proprietress of the Royal School System, Madam Borties informed them that the child must have been injured by a stake because the kids use the dumpsite to ease themselves, the information, the mother said, is nothing to believe.

“Myself really want to go on the campus because if they were minding these kids, what happened to my daughter would not have happened to the child” she said.

She said from what she saw, there was penetration on the child and that they were awaiting the report from the hospital and what the police have to say, before taking any action.

She informed this paper that the redness is in her private part, something they said, claimed their attention and took the child to the Women of Hope Hospital in Paynesville.

“ I do not have dealing with the school for now because they know that such a thing happened to a child on their campus since that time, they have not reached out to us to find out about the girl’s health” another caretaker remarked.

The head of the Royal School System, Ms. Borties in an interview said, “These things happened to children. Sometimes, the child can be suffering from “itching fish”. There was another child that this same thing happened to at the other places I was living.”

She said, “Parents should make sure about what is happening to their children before raising alarm.”

She said from preliminary investigation, the child was not penetrated and that the incident did not happen on the campus as claimed by the parents of the kids.

When she was quizzed if there was penetration as it is claimed by the parents, Madam Borties said, “My Brother, what do you want me to tell you? There was no penetration, the girl was not rapped.

According to her, the incident did not even take place on her campus as the parents claimed.

She indicated that the parents of the kids attempting to drag the name of her school in the mud only to spoil it.

Madam Borties has threatened a legal action against the parents of the kids for falsely implicating the name of her institution in such a trouble.

“I told you she sat on a stake and not even on my campus. If there had been a rape case here, do you think my school was going to be having their gala week?” She asked a rhetorical question as she walked away from the interviewer early Tuesday morning.

Information gathered is that the parents of the child are trying to compromise the case because the child has mentioned the name of Davison, the fellow believed to be in his 14 or 15 years.

Davison is the fellow who has been entrusted by the parents of the kid to pick her up from school on a week day of schooling.

Meanwhile, Investigation continues

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