MONROVIA-The Political Leader of the Opposition All Liberia Coalition Party ( (ALCOP)  Lusinee F. Kamara, Sr., says that National Unification means making sure that all citizens have equal opportunity in all parts of Liberia.;

Mr. Kamara, in an exclusive interview with our reporter over the weekend, said experienced public servants and productive entrepreneurs said that the ‘annual celebration of National Unification Day is important to remind us about the national effort to bring unity and equality among Liberians of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

He disclosed that unity and equality will only be genuine if all the 16 ethnic groups of Liberia are treated equally without prejudice, bias, and injustice due to their religion.

Kamara described Liberia as a blessed society; a nation that is uniquely beautiful due to her good geographic location, landscape, weather and diverse cultural and ethnic heritage. These qualities, according to Kamara, gave Liberia the opportunity to draw both mental and physical strength from as many as sixteen (16) ethnic groups, each of which belongs to one of the four (4) cultural groups of the country.

‘Diversity is a blessing for our Nation, as members of ethnic or cultural groups come to government with some unique moral and ethical standards. They contribute this value to national policy and decision making,’ he said.

Kamara  who is also the President and Chief Executive Officer of the  Accident & Casualty Insurance Company of Liberia said, the contribution of Liberians from diverse backgrounds to the growth and development must be encouraged through participatory and inclusive policies, such as the one that was foreseen by the National Unification Policy.

According to the businessman turning a politician that is why the All Liberia Coalition Party (ALCOP) takes the National Unification Policy as a blessing to Liberia.

He noted that, the Liberia Constitution is a blessing because it makes this country a secular state and seeks equality and fair play in the government’s treatment of the citizens, regardless of our different religious backgrounds.

He furthered that, Article 14 of our Constitution clearly grants freedom of conscience and religion to all Liberians, without molestation or segregation. The law calls on all Liberians, especially those in the position of power to respect the rights of everyone equally, whether or not they practice African Traditional Religion, Islam or Christianity.’

‘If those who are in government respect the laws of Liberia, it will set the example for the ordinary people to follow. Remember that government has big influence over our nation and its people. If government officials treat Liberian citizens equally and respect their rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution, that good example will be seen and followed by the ordinary people” he stated.

Kamara indicated that, citizens’ respect and confidence in the nationhood, sovereignty and civility of the country is paramount and therefor let’s remember that every human being is a sovereign/independent being, but the sovereignty of the individuals is put together and given to the national government that must protect their rights and dignity without discrimination.

He noted that, the citizens’ right to the freedom of self-expression – in speech, conscience and religion is the true measure of their independence. He who respects these rights of the people, commands their respects, but he who abuses these rights, invites something else!’

‘The government is under the oath to protect the right and dignity of all citizens without fear or favor. Therefore, we call on the officers of the Liberia National Police and Liberia Immigration Service who always deal with our people in towns and at the checkpoints to be respectful to our people and not to abuse their power by molesting our people with harassment, seizure of their documents without any justifiable reason.

The Political All Liberia Leader of the Coalition Party stressed that he has been reliably informed that immigration officers at some checkpoints have intensified their selective harassment against any travelers bearing Mandingo or Muslim names.

”Not only, but we are being reliably informed that they have begun the provocation of seizing the national identification cards that are satisfactorily obtained by our people from National Identification Registry”, he noted.

He called on those immigration officers involved in such provocations to desist immediately from infringing on the right of our people to own the National I. D. card they obtained legally. We also called on the Liberia Immigration Service and the government of President George M. Weah to put an immediate stop to this ugly and provocative behavior.

Reflecting on the just-ended National Unification Day celebrations of May 14, Kamara noted that the occasion must be seen as a test to our honesty in dealing with the rich cultural diversity of Liberia and the challenges that confront all pluralistic societies.

‘While on this day we look back proudly and rejoice in the effort of President Tubman towards unification of all Liberians, we must ask ourselves what we are doing about unification. We must ask ourselves if we agree with God’s plan for Liberia to be a melting pot of civilizations, a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society.

“Our immigration service and its personnel must be made to know that many countries in West Africa and the Mano River Basin have Mandingoes, Gio, Mano, Krahn, Lorma, Kissi, Kpelleh as ethnic groups who enjoy equal rights, opportunities and privileges in those societies. Liberia, should not be any different”, he noted.

Today, our concerns should be the challenges that need the collective effort of all well-meaning sons and daughters of this nation. How can we translate National Unification from mere policy to equal opportunity for all Liberians, regardless of tribe, religion and geographic location!

According to him, at this age, instead of the immigration personnel targeting certain ethnic groups at the various checkpoints and during voter registration exercise, National Unification Policy is about inclusive and participatory national development effort to provide equal opportunities for the people in the rural and urban areas of Liberia. All Liberians everywhere deserve accessible, reliable and affordable electricity; pipe borne water, good road connectivity, good schools, good clinics or health facilities, medications and other basic social services.

‘He however noted that Liberia has not seen a leader that will champion such a unification agenda that will make the economy viable and guarantee economic and social security for all. That is why the Manifesto of the All Liberia Coalition Party focuses on these basic needs of our Liberian people.

‘To put Liberia on the path of permanent social and economic progress and end the suffering of all Liberians, is a dream ALCOP will pursue no matter the cost.’

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