Dear Great Ones:

Thank you for always being there to share your thoughts with us, how we are working out things, how the government is behaving, and how we are making hands meet to be able to stay alive. This is why we so dearly cherish the cooperation and are doing everything within our reach to keep the communication gap open. Thank you so much to hear that everyone in the Great Beyond is following the pieces of information coming from here regarding the different issues affecting the state, and how the government is addressing itself to them.

We are informed that a meeting was held recently in the home of former President Doe during which he expressed concerns about the crippling wave of corruption in the country when the government he headed came to power through violent means, killing President Tolbert for rampant corruption. We learnt that Doe had his down in total disbelief because he had thought the whole issue of corruption in government would have been a thing of the past.  In fact, he told the gathering including former Presidents Tolbert and Tubman that it was unfortunate that the boy who was predicted for so many years to be the messiah is sitting over a corrupt government and doing nothing.

One particular thing they said Doe was furious over is the issue of protecting people accused of corruption, those cabinet ministers who are under-performing, those who are flouting the laws to satisfy their own interest, and those whose actions run contrary to the wishes of the people…..the electorate.

Great ones, we also gathered that former President Tolbert who was in the meeting blasted Doe for killing him for corruption, and at the same time helped to nurture the current President whom he knew didn’t have the strong heart to deal with people when they broke the law.  Specifically, Tolbert was furious over the fact that most of the infrastructures he left behind are lying in ruins and desolation and the government is not showing concern at all to fix them.

Tolbert, they said, mentioned the Unity Conference Center, the City of Bentol, all the Multilateral High Schools he built across the country and many other areas that are either destroyed or abandoned by the government. He wondered why it should be that way when the Government has the responsibility to keep everything tidy because they were built from public money—-taxpayers’ money, and they state properties.

For Tubman who was also in the meeting, we are told he expressed concern over the sufferings Liberians are going through now, when they enjoyed beyond mention during his time in office, when they were buying food cheap. Tubman told the people why things should be expensive nowadays when that was not the case when he was in office. Tubman said the governments that took over from him tried to control prices, transport fares and many others but asked why this government does not show concern at all to correct all of these wrong happenings. They said he promised to write to the current President to ask him why he is not saying anything about the things that are happening under his watch.

 Too bad we could not get words from President Taylor simply because those in charge of the jail he is lacking in denied our request to speak with him. They assured us that they will work things out in a way that will make it possible to see him next time we try to do so. But one of them confided in us that Taylor is far more furious than any of the former Presidents before him. For him, he predicted that the current President was interested in the presidency but the Liberian people did not believe him. Some said, he was only finding ways to go after him, and maybe eliminate the boy as they called him because of his success in football.

 Since that is the case, we will hold our peace and wait to see what will happen in the coming days or weeks. We think those in the Great Beyond need to come in because they still have relatives, kids back and many acquaintances on earth who are going through the hell of suffering in the country. In fact, we will write to them officially to ask them to come in if we notice a delay on their part. The problem is serious and there is no time to wait.

 But before that, we like to share with you that the government is slowing down on development projects with just a year left until the elections to determine whether it will remain in power or not. Too bad to say that some of the ministers are acting just like the man who appointed them. Things are wrongly happening and they only sit and watch, not speaking not addressing themselves to the issues or not even explaining to the citizens the efforts they are making to correct the things they are crying over. Most of them are boo-boo ministers. They are only interested in grabbing and go business… If you think we are lying, come spend two days here and you will understand the country you call ‘your home.’

Well, we want to stop here and wait for the delegation coming from the Great Beyond to meet with those in authority.

Until then,

It’s Ok




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