OPINION:The Man Called Liberian Politician

By: F. Shelton Gonkerwon

The man called Liberian politician
He talks too much and does little
He only seeks power and the title
He’s a mere scammer, not a dreamer
He changes colors and tongue any time
He  seeks power to enjoy and drink wine
So greedy he never waits for his own time
He has little or no genuine education
He practices politics merely by heart
He’s not reliable and stands for no cause
He jumps from one  party to the other
He seeks daily bread for him and his family
He’s self- centered and not people -centered
He’s far from being trusted and respected
He’s not practically the man of the masses
When he gets power he calls others asses
He praises the devil just for selfish gains
He steals wealth while others are in pains
He enjoys public life while others live in vain
He loves good time while others have no dime
He’s angel in the day but devil in the night
He seeks power to destroy innocent flowers
He lives in prosperity while the rest in poverty
He traditionally lies and care less who dies
He raises himself as flag while others drag
He’s redeemer by mouth and not by practice
He wears fake smile yet with devilish heart
He stands for no good reason at all seasons

The man called Liberian politician
He will never comfort you like a musician
Trust him not and solely rely on his decision
He has light in his face and never in the heart
He has little or no wisdom to lead a kingdom
Call him Deceiver and  Sycophant General
Call him noise maker and Chief law breaker
Call him thief that’s  in the chair as Chief
Call him Problem General and a solution
He’s versed in singing for Mr. Corruption
Call him Jack of all tricks and master of none
That’s the man called Liberian politician!!


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