Dear Great Ones In The Great Beyond:

How is the Great Beyond? What is the most pressing issue your people are concerned about? Do you guys have the statistics on how many people in Hell and in Heaven? Your people back here would like to know because some of them are yet to believe that there is hell and there is heaven for bad and good people. Well, we will talk about this in another information sharing space. Don’t worry, we will get there!

But it is always a warming pleasure coming your way with exciting information about happenings in your country, the latest being the controversy surrounding the gruesome murder in the home of a former Chief Justice of Liberia, Cllr. Glora Musu Scott. Do you know that she hails from Maryland County and carries a name popular in Lofa County? Well, that is not the focus of this communication.

We only wanted to gauge your thought about how she got Musu name when, of course, she does not come close to the terrain associated with the name in question. After this serious matter she is going through, the Police will also call her in to speak to this other issue. But on the serious note, the matter is creating unease across the length and breadth of the country; your people are in the state of confusion, as they were during the days of the war in which some of you were brutally killed as well. We are so sorry for the evil meted against you guys in the Great Beyond.

Do you also know that the whole matter is getting shapeless, in that the Police themselves do not know where to and how to handle the investigation to establish who entered the house and probably killed the girl? It will surprise you to learn that one Cllr. Jerome Verdier, who once headed the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) that was set up to look into how the war went in Liberia, who did what and did not do what, is now sitting in America and acting as informant, linking people who may have played a role in the situation at ‘Ma Musu’s’ house. He is creating tension in the country, acting like he has information on happenings here, unearthing lots of unverifiable stuff about present and past murders. Matthew Innis, who is there with you guys, is one of those Verdier said was killed by people in Government cycles. He is also linking City Mayor Jefferson Koijee to what happened in the home of the former Chief Justice.

But do you know that he perhaps carries anger and hate for the ruling government or the sitting President? As you may know or not, he is a founding member of the Party that is in power, and because things did not go the way he wanted, he parted company and started pursuing a destructive agenda. Some of you in the Great Beyond can relate, anyway.

But what is so concerning is that the government itself is silent on these troubling situations Verdier is causing. By now, we had thought the Government would have communicated with the US government through the Embassy near Monrovia about what Verdier, who is resident in their country, is doing here, creating scenarios that could cause nation insecurity. Anyway, the Government seems to be a toothless bulldog. Had this been a US citizen in Liberia, a diplomatic note would have been served since.

We had thought that people like Prince Johnson, a self-proclaimed Pastor, would be no more, that you guys would have found a way to also deal with him. Anyway, since God says we should not revenge for yourselves, let’s leave the case with Him. He told us that revenge is His, and so shall it be.
For your information, he is now considered a news maker on Sundays. People troop to his Church and tune to social media to listen to him preach mess, attacking good people, purporting himself as Kings Maker in Nimba County. He and the President have been trading jabs at each other, and some opposition figures are trying to make the “Most” out of it, to win him over. He is a wicked vain in the body, but also a good one who can make other good things happen. That is how some people see him.

Well, Great Ones, should we blame Prince Johnson for that matter or take swipe at your children, who in the name of politics, think they can make him feel good, win him on their political side to help them canvas for votes in his Nimba County where he says he has control over the people. This is just a gist of the much nonsense shaping the image of your country once more.

Great Ones, last week was another heartbreaking time for your people when they gathered in various cemeteries where some of you are buried to pay their respects by cleaning, painting and other doing other stuffs. It is always a time of grief and sorrow. This is because we no longer see each other, the interactions are no longer there, and the support rendered are non-existent. But don’t mind them, some people use the day to drink, drink and drink throughout the day. What that means is that they are celebrating the fact that you are gone, and they are living on Earth and enjoying your sweat. We want to appeal to some of you to not embarrass your children, trying to take them to where you are. We just wanted to share these notes with you.

But before we say goodbye, we want to remind you of the impending elections although we don’t know how is going to end. Whether we will experience the Nigeria scenario where claims of elections rigging are climbing is another concern. Although, the current President says he is committed to making sure that the peace and democracy of the country remain intact. This is how politicians talk, but the reality is shown when the time comes, or when push comes to shop. We will see. Some people he is good at promising and bad at implementing, though his people call him “talk and do.”

On this note, we want to thank you guys for giving us the opportunity to share these views with you on the happenings back home, how your dirty and corrupt country is now turning into killing hub. Please, we will like you invite the big politicians in the Great Beyond when reading this LETTER, and send us your response.

Until then, thanks for being there!
From the Editor’s Desk

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