Surrendering LBS To Opposition Against Regime’s Interest 

By: Christopher K. Seeton, Sr

The State Broadcaster, Liberia Broadcasting System, (LBS) is  no longer at ease.

It is being used for wrongful reasons by elements who have been intoxicated by the virus of evil Genius Peter Quaqua.

Quaqua is notorious for picking bones with the Leadership of President George M. Weah, while giving blind eyes or deaf ears to the moral excesses of the opposition community,  particularly his new political godfather, Alexander B. Cummings, of the Alternative National Congress of Liberia.  

He  has mentally colonized elements in the Leadership Cycle of the Liberia Broadcasting System. The State Broadcaster ought to be the Government’s premier channel for influencing public opinions and perceptions.

 But, sadly this revered institution has been sold to Peter Quaqua, who is a bone in the throat of President Weah.

He was appointed to a presidential inquest committee headed by Dr. Lawrence K. Bropleh to investigate attacks on journalists.

But sadly, in  an opposition political posture, he  disrespected the Liberian Leader  and resigned weeks after his appointment.

 Quaqau has lured these Officials at the State Broadcaster to prostrate to Mr. Alexander B. Cummings by turning their backs  on the Liberian Leader.

These Officials have fiercely gotten involved in satanic and belligerent activities.

 Evil Estella Liberty and her Team under the influence of Quaqua dotted  the voice of a veteran Broadcaster and current President of Press Union of Liberia, Mr. Charles B. Coffey, Jr.

 It was a painful mistake by President Weah by appointing individuals who are now  doing business with the Opposition Community ahead of the impending 2023’s Presidential and Legislative Elections.

Instead of supporting and promoting the reelection bid of the Liberian Leader, and to ensure that he dominates the public’s opinion which would waive huge pile of votes in his favor, they have gone in bed with Mr. Peter Quaqua to support the Opposition Candidate, the little-known and johnny-just-come, Julius Kanubah.  

The State Broadcaster has now become a safe haven for Opposition Elements, while becoming a nightmare and an uncomfortable zone to the interest of President Weah.

The Liberia Broadcasting System has been placed  in the pit by elements, who are  not in the interests of the Liberian Leader.

 It is being surrendered to someone who is attempting to dissolve the Parent Journalism Institution in the Country. Press Union of Liberia.

The State Broadcaster should be used as a lead propaganda machinery  to distort and dilute misinformation hastily spewed out in the public while at the same time anxiously providing comprehensive information about the developmental aims of the Government of Liberia.

It is nontraditional to have  seen these key Officials at the State Broadcaster used their platforms to elevate the political aspirations of Julius Kanubah in the just-ended Press Union of Liberia Election under the guidance  of under-achiever, Peter Quaqua.

The Director-General of the Liberia Broadcasting System, Estella Liberty Kermu, Tetee Gebro, Deputy-General for Administration, Isaac Redd, Deputy for Rural Broadcasting, Jallah Grayfield, Deputy for Public Affairs, Sorbor  George, Deputy-General for Broadcasting  have all played pivotal roles in the Union’s Electoral fracas.

The State Broadcaster has been surrendered to Peter Quaqua to lacerate and decapitate the alluring image of the Press Union of Liberia.

 They have taken oaths to join ranks with Quaqau to abrogate history by pinning down the genuine efforts of the Liberian Leader  to  construct the Union’s Headquarters.

The LBS has turned into an agency to generate hate messages in favor of someone who has boiled and simmered hatred  against the establishment of the Coalition for Democratic Change.

LBS has become a  shadow of itself. It has buried the hatchet  with Peter Quaqua to throw in the towel the interests of the Liberian Leader.

It is an open secret that Peter, and his kid Julius Kanubah are desperately anxious to surrender the Union to the Opposition Community against the interest of all well meaning Liberian Journalists.

They have  conspired, connived,  and plotted  against  the Presidential Interest of Daniel Nyakonah  to feature  someone with  minimum contribution to the Journalism Industry of Liberia.

Thank God that Nyakonah nailed  the coffin of  Kanubah in the  just-ended Union’s Elections.

 These Officials who are supposed to be  engineering robust strategies that will  comprehensively inform the citizenry about the workings of  President Weah are in the trenches and going at every nook and cranny to support the opposition interest against the Liberian Government.

Media Practitioners who have refused to dance to their whims and caprices are being intimidated, harassed  , suspended, or dismissed by these Officials.

Indeed, the State Broadcaster has sadly deviated from its tenets. It is in the mud to support the nefarious interest of Peter Quaqua.  Quaqua is a renowned  archaist  who is accredited for lacerating regimes in the journalism community in the sub-region.

The unique history that was bred by former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to construct the Headquarters of the Press Union of Liberia did not come to fruition, because Quaqua waged war against the sincere interest of those on the Union’s Leadership then.

President George M. Weah’s  propaganda  war remains bleak as these elements have surrendered the Government’s propaganda machinery to Peter Quaqua who is at peace with the Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress but is at war with President Weah.

It is Quaqua who has masterminded the legal wrangling that has characterized the just-ended Press Union of Liberia Elections.

They are prepared to keep the Umbrella Journalism Institution inactive  by engaging in baseless, clueless, and unfounded court proceedings.

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