GoL Returns Hundred Liberians

…From Oman and Cyprus Due to Humans Trafficking

By: Mark B. Dumbar

MONROVIA-As Liberians seek better living conditions in other countries across the world, they are also being faced with unbearable hardships that need urgent solutions.

Recently, the Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Labor has constructed more saved homes for hundreds of Liberians returning from Oman and Cyprus as a result of human trafficking and other dangerous crimes.

Labor Minister Cllr. Charles Gibson noted the government has hired health practitioners to cater to these Liberians.

He pointed out that each Liberian who just returned has received the amount of $ US 1, 500 for resettlement.

The Labor Boss stressed that the government remains committed in transforming the lives of Liberians.

He noted that Liberians who were maltreated in Oman have been empowered economically.

“Today, they are now living with us in peace,” he revealed.

Cllr. Gibson stressed that there was no segregation done to isolate these Liberians.

“We have commenced the process to investigate these ugly acts that were meted out against Liberians” the Labor Minister added.

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