Riot Leaves Two Persons Seriously Wounded at Epo Plantation in Grand Bassa

MONROVIA-At least two persons have sustained major injuries as a result of a riot that took place in the concession area of Equatorial Palm Oil in Grand Bassa recently.

Equatorial Palm Oil (EPO) is a company growing oil palm in Grand Bassa Electoral District Five on several hectares of land.

It was gathered that the two victims believed to be Employees of the Company sustained the injuries, after alleged criminals resisted an arrest.

Eyewitnesses told our reporter that the criminals have been in the habit of stealing the company’s oil palm to make soap.

According to the report, the criminals who are believed to be residents of nearby towns and villages have been in an alleged deal with securities of the company to enable them easily penetrate the Palm Plantation.

Tommy Toe, a resident of a nearby village said “The riot started after the securities who have always allowed the guys to take the palm refused to allow them this time but attempted arresting them”.

He furthered “The securities attempted to force the arrest but the guys insisted and that’s how it went out of hand and people got wounded”.

Another eyewitness who asked not to be named said “The securities look for it because they and the guys have been in the bad stealing deal, why this time they decided to arrest them”.

Our reporter tried extending the microphone to the EPO Securities but many of them couldn’t speak due to fear of losing their jobs.

The riot was calmed down after members of the Emergency Response Unit arrived on the riot scene in huge numbers.

It was later gathered that the ERU is yet to make any arrests as many of those involved fled to an unknown destination.

Two persons believed to be workers of the company are currently undergoing treatment at the St. Peter Clever Catholic Hospital in Buchanan.

However, Ablee-Jay Media tried contacting the Management of EPO but it has yielded no positive results up to press time. Ablee-Jay Media remains committed to the investigation.

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