…War Crimes Court Insider Makes Startling Revelation

Monrovia-april-29-2024-TNR: Mr. Darius Tweh, a principal insider witness in the Liberian war and economic crimes investigations has alarmed over a false testimony of an underage child against Liberian musician Michel Davies, alias Sundaygar Dearboy.

Tweh spoke about one particularly disturbing case which involves the alleged false testimony of an underage child against Liberian musician Michel Davies, alias Sundaygar Dearboy. He alleged the testimonies against Sundaygar were orchestrated by an individual deeply associated with these NGOs. This false narrative, propagated through local and international media, highlights the extent to which fabricated stories have been used to defame individuals for monetary gain, Tweh alleges.

Many who followed the TRC proceedings blamed one of the then Commissioners, Massa Washington of allegedly orchestrating the false testimony by an underage child against Mr. Dearboy. According to a well-placed source, Madam Washington coerced the underage child to testify and make several claimed against Mr. Dearboy.

The underage boy (name withheld) who has consistently said he was forced by Madam Washington to lie against Dearboy disclosed that he’s willing to expose those who brought him to Monrovia and took care of him during the TRC hearing. “I’m willing to tell the true story of what really happended during the hearing,” he said.

On the other hand, Tweh claimed to have firsthand knowledge of the deceitful practices, revealing being coerced into providing coached statements against Agnes Reeves Taylor, underscoring the lengths to which these NGOs allegedly go to manipulate legal proceedings. Tweh also accuses Hassan Bility’s Center of Justice and Accountability of instigating lies against Col. Moses Thomas and Gen. Moses Wright in connection to the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Massacre.

Furthermore, concerns have been raised regarding Hassan Bility’s credibility, as allegations surface that he falsified information on his United States immigration application regarding his involvement in warring factions during the Liberian civil war.

Mr. Darius Tweh, a principal insider witness in the Liberian war and economic crimes investigations, fervently appeals for the removal of Ambassador Beth Van Schaack from her positions as the United States Ambassador for Global Criminal Justice and the point person for the United States Government on the Liberian War Crime Court.

In an exclusive ‘Tell it all’ interview with Concord Times and Smart News Liberia, Mr. Tweh accuses Ambassador Van Schaack of affiliating with organizations such as the Global Justice Research Project, Alain Werner’s Civitas Maxima, and the California-based Center for Justice and Accountability. Tweh was a planted principal witness on Mr. Hassan Bility and his colleagues. Tweh claims that these organizations have been involved in paying and coaching witnesses to testify falsely against individuals accused of war crimes during Liberia’s civil wars.

Tweh reveals, “I was planted on Hassan Bility, Global Justice Research Project, Alain Werner’s Civitas Maxima, including their California-based Center for Justice and Accountability.” He accuses Ambassador Van Schaack of legitimizing these organizations, allegedly engaged in fabricating evidence for monetary gain.

Mr. Tweh highlights the complicity of these NGOs in manipulating asylum processes in Western countries, citing specific cases such as Leo Varfley Kanneh in Britain and Mohammed Kromah in Switzerland. He alleges that these NGOs coerced witnesses into providing false testimonies, leading to the granting of asylum to individuals based on fraudulent claims.

“I am a witness in defense of the accused mentioned persons because I know how witnesses were recruited, coached, and paid to lie on people for monetary gain for the NGOs. I myself got recruited, coached, and paid, put on a flight to Ghana where I made coached statements against Agnes Reeves Taylor, to Garry Titiley of the war crime team from the British Metropolitan Police. Get the records; it can be subpoenaed.”

Bility told me that there is a lot of money within the international community, and the means of getting the funds are through these NGOs, by recruiting, coaching, and paying witnesses for cases and crafting global news stories on any accused person of war crimes as a celebrated showcase, Tweh told the interview.

“With this being said, Global Justice Research Project, Center for Justice and Accountability, Civitas Maxima, must not come anywhere near the Liberian war crime court process, including Hassan Bility who lied on his United States immigration application that he was never a member of any warring faction during the Liberian civil war and was never a member of any political party.

Hassan Bility was a member of the United Liberation Movement of Liberia for Democracy (ULIMO-K), a child soldier recruiter into combat, and Co-Chairman of the All-Liberia Coalition Party (ALCOP) Youth Wing of Alahiji Kromah’s Party in the 1997 elections. (Let’s be clear here: I am only waiting for the General Moses S Wright, Seku Layee Kamara cases to start. I will challenge all of the false evidence because I know how all of those lies were put together. I am watching those cases carefully.

“If they know what I know, they must drop those at once before they get embarrassed in that Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania.) Lastly, I am asking those who got victimized from the fraudulent behavior of these NGOs to take legal actions against them. Let it be known that the day of reckoning is here in the justice system, and those who lied on people for monetary reasons will face the consequences of their actions.”

Expressing concern over the integrity of the Liberian war and economic crimes court process, Tweh urges the Liberian Government and the international community to distance themselves from these organizations.

He emphasizes the need for a fair and impartial legal proceeding, free from manipulation and deceit. Tweh’s assertions are echoed by former chair of the TRC of Liberia, Cllr. Jerome J. Verdier Sr, who previously called for Ambassador Van Schaack to sever ties with the implicated NGOs. Despite these concerns, Tweh notes that Ambassador Van Schaack continues to support the organizations, evidenced by her recent invitation to Hassan Bility to visit Washington DC.

Mr. Tweh urged victims of the fraudulent activities of these NGOs to pursue legal actions against them. He emphasizes the importance of holding accountable those who have manipulated the justice system for personal gain, signaling a commitment to justice and accountability for all parties involved.

As the Liberian war crimes court proceedings unfold, Mr. Tweh says he remains vigilant, prepared to challenge any false evidence presented against the accused individuals. He vows to defend those who have been unjustly targeted by fabricated testimonies, ensuring a fair and transparent legal process for all involved parties.

Tweh states, “The NGOs in question, namely Global Justice Research Project, Center for Justice and Accountability, and Civitas Maxima, are profiting from the Liberian war victims by recruiting, coaching, and remunerating witnesses to fabricate evidence in various cases.” He said: “Among those named are Agnes Reeves Taylor, Gibril Massaquoi, and Michel Desaedeleer.”


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