25 Years Old, James Doloyuwah Makes SOS Call on Spinal Injury

By Mark N. Mengonfia- mmenginfia@gmail.com

MONROVIA-James Doloyuwah, a 25-year-old man who sustained a spine injury in Suacoco, Bong County has launched an SOS call to people of goodwill to help him regain his spinal column.

In an interview conducted by Cecelia Clarke, Director of Programs at the Liberia National Television (LNTV) James said he sustained a spinal injury, when he fell from a palm tree.

He explained his ordeal as say, “2018, I fell from a palm tree.”

According to James, he had gone to cut palm nuts to secure some funds for his tuition but was unfortunate to have experienced such an injury which has kept him down and out of school for those many years.

He said, “Since that time, I have been struggling to ask other people to help. I have been teaching at the radio stations even I reached at JFK.”

James said that he visited the John F. Kennedy’s Memorial Hospital in a quest to regain his injured spinal.

Hope came alive when he was told that his spinal could be worked on but with a condition of leaving Liberia.

He said a test was done and he was referred abroad, USA, India or Ghana to conduct a decompression sugary on his spine.

He explained that it has been challenging for him over those years to the point that he does not go to public places freely as it used to be.

According to the young Liberian, his low lamps do not move because the doctors have said his nervous system in the lower part of his body is not working are not functioning “I really need that help. I got to go back to school so I can do something better for this country” James pleaded passionately to people of goodwill.

James came be contacted via his contract: 08813 26880 or Madam Cecelia Clarke of LNTV on 077766119/088888320 for those of goodwill to aid him.

James’ misfortune befell upon him because he was in search of funding to pay his tuition in high school. To make his dream of attaining an education, it takes the aid of philanthropic

“I really need this help” he mournful said.

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