EDITORIAL: Kudos Mr. President For Milestone 14 Military Hospital

DESPITE BEING THE oldest independent African nation, Liberia remains stuck in serious social, political and economic quagmire- a condition that continues to tell on its trifling population in diverse ways. However, it is very diaphanously clear that out of these rather horrendous situations stand out a debasing healthcare system that inarguably needs complete and indisputable overall.

AS MUCH AS  past leaders may have endeavored to boost the country’s health system, at least to put it on par with others in the sub-region, much remains to be seen as citizens continue to endure intolerable embarrassments addressing their health needs. In this modern age, thousands of Liberians continue to lose their lives to curable diseases due to poor healthcare system.

HAVING NO OTHER choice to address the situation, it is no secret that, Liberians with good financial muscles are often left with the option of traveling out of the country to seek the needed medical attention as a result of the backwardness of the country’s healthcare delivery system which includes, lack of trained medical doctors, good medical facilities and equipment. Of course, it is such doom a nation with a rich historical background had to endure for decades, perhaps due to lack of vision, political will or as a result of corruption on the part of some past leaders.

HOWEVER, BEING AWARE of this disconcerting nightmare before assuming the presidency of the country, current President George Manneh Weah placed on the front-burner of his flagship national development agenda, the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD), the resuscitation of the health system beginning with the construction of additional health centers across the country.

ACCORDINGLY, the first move towards realizing such gargantuan task amidst a tight financial situation began in March of 2018 when President Weah broke grounds for the construction of the country’s first Ghanaian-style Military Hospital, for use by citizens but principally the men and women in arms – the Armed Forces of Liberia.

ALMOST AFTER TWO years of construction with no external funding, all is now set for the official dedication of the ultramodern 14 Military Hospital, thus adding to the existing numbers of hospitals nationwide. From all indications, the dedication of the Hospital(September  1, 2021) which plays a pivotal role in the first against the deadly Covid-19 Pandemic, sets the stage for another glorious opportunity that will go a long way in reshaping the narratives about Liberia’s health system.

THOUGH THE TASK to reset the button in terms of improving the healthcare system in an appreciative and deserving manner to international standards, undertaking such project in a way President Weah did in a relatively short period of time leaves us completely enthralled and convinced that he is a leader with character – someone who means what he says. Not many Liberians trusted him when he first made the pronouncement on Armed Forces Day at the Barclay Training Center, but the outcome has certainly shifted the paradigm.

WE THINK IT is befitting to give honors to those it is due; and in this case, President Weah deserves every bit of appreciation for demonstrating such magnanimity – a move that bespeaks and underlines his enduring commitment to tackling this age-old problem of lack of good medical facilities to meet citizens’ health needs. Yes, it is the prime responsibility of any leader to seek the wellbeing of his citizens, but let it be said that only level-headed or visionary leaders would go the extra mile in finding solutions to problems affecting the people in spite of daring circumstances.

WE ARE HAILING the President not only for this gigantic achievement in the construction of the 14 Military Hospital, but also for ongoing constructions of state-of-the-art medical centers in other parts of the country aimed at easing the health burdens of citizens. These developments, in our widest cogitation, only sheds light on the positive trajectory the country is crusading – something all Liberians must come out to appreciate regardless of the political shenanigans of the day. Kudos Mr. President!


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