Big Boost!

…….As President Weah Dedicates 14 Military Hospital Today

MONROVIA-President George M. Weah is expected today to  officially dedicate the 14 Military Hospital in Margibi County.

The Liberian Leader  in 2018,  made the statement at the celebration of  The Armed Forces Day. He   promised   the AFL  family  and  those  within Margibi  County and its surrounding  the construction of a the 14th  Military Hospital.

In line with his promised and vision to provide the military an opportunity to have her owner medical facility like other countries in the sub-region, the President along with top government officials and members of the diplomatic corp broke grounds for the construction of the hospital.

During  the event, the Liberian Leader  told the public  that  the engineer Department  of the Armed Forces of Liberia  will construct  their  own 14th  Military Hospital  that will be fully capacitated with medical equipment and staff  to provide services  to Liberians  not only members of  the AFL and  families.

Moreover, upon partially  completed of the 14th  Military Hospital,  President Weah and the incident Management System Team during the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Liberia  use  the facility  for  the COVID-19 treatment center.

With  the relocation of the COVID-19 treatment Center  to Star based, the AFL  Engineers  were  able  to ensure  that the hospital  is fully completed  thus making President Weah vision and promised to Liberians especially the Military a reality.

President Weah along with government official, members of the diplomatic corps are prepared to grace the historical event today.



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