YOUNETPO & Pan African Think Tank Seal Partnership Deal

By Mark N. Mengonfia

MONROVIA-Two youth organizations, Youth Network for Positive Change (YOUNETPO) base in Liberia and Pan African Think Tank base in the United States of America have sealed a partnership deal to touch the lives of their generation.

Visiting Liberia for the for time, Christin Nichole, Executive Director of Pan African Think Tank said, “My mission in Liberia is to find a partner. An organization that aligns with our mission.”

In an interview at the office of YOUNETPO in Congo Town, Madam Nichole said she came in contact with Amb. Leo E. Tiah, Executive Director for Youth Network for Positive Change on the internet.

Stating that when she and Amb. Tiah exchanged emails over a period of time she grow interest in working with his organization on grounds that they both have similarities in what they stand for as young people who what to impact their generation.

She indicated her organization work only young people, in the area of education entrepreneurship and those are initiatives that Youth Network for Positive Change work around as well.

She said they are a research institution adding, “What we do is we go around to other counties we partnering with and get their data and with their data we get to understand what the problems are in Liberia. Now, will we focus on all the problem in Liberia? No! Because what I said about the Pan African Think Tank is that we are focusing on pan African issues collectively.”

She furthered that when the leaders of the countries that she is partnering with shall have presented their data, they as partner institutions will decide on which 10 to make a priority issue and try in addressing it.

She said for the Liberian youth, she and her partner institution are going to work in the area of education and entrepreneurship- focusing on few schools and youth.

“Can I work with every school in Liberia? No! It is not possible because we do not have enough found, but what I hoping is that our partnership will put pressure on the government to also want to put in more into them as well” she intoned.

According to her, she is hopeful that their partnership will

Also speaking, the Executive Director of Youth Network for Positive Change (YOUNETPO), Amb. Leo E. Tiah said the collaboration means a lot to their institution adding, “It is a good partnership because both side stand to benefit because we share one value.”

According to Amb. Tiah intentionally took his partner to various places of focus for her to get a feel of some of the things he has discussed with her during their conversations.

“That is one reason I been taking her to places see and I want her to see more when it comes to the challenges and when we are discussing she herself can know about” he said.

The two institutions have started the ball rolling by organizing forum for girls under the team” Agenda for Empowering Girls for the Future” started visitations at schools expected to benefit from their program and provision of scholarship for two kids who participated in a spelling bee competition.


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