LIBERIA NEWS: House Of Money Laundering

…Bility Accuses Legislature


Nimba County District 7 Representative, Musa Hansan Bility has made serious allegations against the Liberian Legislature, labeling it as a hub of money laundering within the country.

Rep. Bility expressed concerns about the lack of transparency and accountability within the legislative body, highlighting that it has received substantial amounts of money without undergoing proper audits.

Bility emphasized that despite being one of the highest recipients of funds in Liberia, the legislature has consistently evaded audits by the General Auditing Commission (GAC). He raised alarm over the resistance faced by the GAC whenever it attempts to scrutinize the financial activities of the legislature, suggesting a potential cover-up of illicit financial practices.

Rep. Bility at the same time, criticized the integrity of the GAC itself, accusing it of corruption and incompetence in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities effectively. He called for urgent action to address these issues and ensure that proper audits are conducted to uncover any potential financial misconduct within the legislature.

The lawmaker also issued a stern warning, threatening legal action against the General Auditing Commission if it fails to carry out an audit of the legislature promptly.

Bility’s stance reflects growing concerns about financial transparency and accountability in Liberia’s governance structures, particularly within its legislative institutions. Source: Ok Morning Rush.

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