Quest for President Weah to Contest Come 2023 Sows

By Mark N. Mengonfia   

MONROVIA-There is a common say that when you enter a town; the most intoned songs by the kids are what the elders of the town sing.

This was the case of citizens of Margibi, Grand Bassa and Rivercess Counties when the president visited with them on the third leg of his citizens’ engagement tour.

During nearly all the town hall meetings in the various counties, citizens of those places said they were happy with how the president is conducting the affairs of the country, thereby calling on him to contest for a second term as president of Liberia.

Two of the counties did not do an official petitioning statement, but only Grand Bassa- Gorblee Town citizens through their student’s community petitioned President George Weah to contest for second term.

Other places visited in Margibi, Rivercess and other districts in Grand Bassa, there were citizens who said they trust the ability of the president to lead the country by providing developmental initiatives, but they did not present any official petition statement to the president to contest. It was only in Gorblee that the students who were represented by a 12th grader of the Gorblee Public School did a written petition to president asking him to contest on grounds that he was the only person that they as a people trust now.

Although the petitioning was done by the students, but when the chance was provided the District lawmaker in person of Vicent T.S Willie, he buttressed that he cannot go against what has been requested by the citizens of Gorblee.

He, too, called on the president to run for the presidency comes 2023.

Chief Thomas Zuehga, Deputy Grand Zoegar said “The there is no other man we trust apart from you.”

He said through an interpreter that, “there are other social benefits we supposed to enjoy, but we are lacking. With your presence, we believe to get it and when you are given the second we know that you will do more for us.”

The quest sowed to the point that one of Grand Bassa County lawmaker in person of Mary Kawor added her voice to her husband’s and other voices who have already agreement and given their supports to the second term bit of the president.

The head of the traditional Council of Liberia, Zanzan Kawor upon receiving the president in Grand Bassa, he presented what he termed as the mantol of authority for 2023 to the president.

It is very rare for an African leader to lead for one term- even former Liberian president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who made a pronouncement that was not contesting for second went against her own word and led Liberia for 12 unbroken peaceful years.

Although President Weah did not officially respond to the petition coming from the citizens.

The President told citizens during the tour that he is confidence of meeting the developmental agenda placed at his feet, but he was quick to say,” I cannot do it all in the remaining three years of my first term.”


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