Squatters Delay Zwedru’s Market Renovation

By: Lloyd N Farley

ZWEDRU-Grand Gedeh County Assistant Superintendent for Development says the renovation of the Zwedru Central Market is delaying due to squatters who have encroached on the market.

Madam Betty Breeze Doh at her Administration building office said, the Welt Hunger Hilfer with funding from the German Government started the renovation of the Zwedru Central market since December of 2020, but  is yet to be completed.

She named one of the factors responsible for the delay of the renovation of the Zwedru Central market to the postponement in relocating those squatters that are occupying the facility.

According to her, there are people who are still occupying some portions of the market land that needed to be cleared and have some structures built for the marketers, but those who are occupying those land have refused to leave the area.

The Grand Gedeh County Development Superintendent also stressed that her office is working with the contractors for the speedy completion of the project adding that the marketers can no longer wait to move to the renovated market building.

Madam Doh called on the Zwedru City Corporation and the Liberia Land Authority to help remove those who are squatting on the premises of the central market in order to ensure that the renovation works go on fast to be completed in the soonest.

It can be recalled that the renovation of the Zwedru Central Market works began since 2020 and was expected to have been completed 2021 according to the estimated timeframe by the German Agro-action or wealth helfer-hunger.

Accordingly, till now, it is yet to be completed and marketers are impatient to move in their renovated building.


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