American Based Bishop Marron Urges Churches To Invest

By Washington Tumay Watson

MONROVIA-An American-Based International Bishop of the All Love International Fellowship, Apostle Israel   Marron has urged church leaders to get involved in investing in Multiple businesses for the economic growth of their Ministries.

The Chief Apostle and International Bishop of the All Love International Fellowship indicated that, if the churches invest into multiple businesses, it will greatly increase the churches’ incomes.

He said the businesses created by the churches will help to meet up with the needs of its members and the communities of which those churches are located.

Speaking recently during a one-day international Conference organized by the All Love International Fellowship at the Greater Outreach Central Church in Paynesville, Bishop Marron said for a church to develop, that church needs to ensure that it has multiple financial investments and not to only depend on the collection from members of the churches.

Bishop Apostle Israel   Marron also encouraged pastors to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ at all times as a means of transforming the lives of   the people.

He said the Bible teaches change for people to repent, stressing that pastors should not preach the gospel based on   their feelings.

According to him, pastors should preach the gospel in a simple way that the people will understand the message.

“If the people understand the message they will definitely follow the words of God and their lives and families will be transformed”, he indicated.

Bishop, Apostle, Marron further challenged pastors across the world to keep on doing something that will glorify the works of God.

“All that pastors need to achieve in teaching and preaching the gospel is for Jesus Christ to be appreciated based on their work in transforming the living conditions of mankind”, he said.

He wants clergymen and Women to keep on teaching the gospel regardless of challenges and criticisms.

Bishop, Apostle, Marron disclosed that the organization’s international leadership is prepared to work with the local leadership in making impact on the lives of their members through the gospel of Jesus Christ across the world.

During the conference Bishop, Apostle, Marron appointed the leadership of Liberia chapter of the All Love International Fellowship.

Those appointed included Prophet, Emmanuel J. Davies, National Director, Rev. Edwin Gawoloquoi Assistant National Director, Rev. Amos Gawoloquoi National General Secretary, Rev. Anthony Nehlor National Director for Recruitment and Mobilization among others.

In a related development, the Assistant Chief Apostle and International Bishop of the All Love International Fellowship, Bishop, Ezekiel Karlu has inducted the Liberia Chapter leadership awaiting their ordination.


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