Rep. Domah Presents Annual Legislative Report

MONROVIA-On Friday, February 18, 2022, Nimba County Electoral District seven Representative Roger SWY Domah presented his 2021 Annual Legislative Report to the citizens.

The program was held at the Gondoun Community Peace Hall in Saclepea City, one of the many infrastructural projects completed and dedicated by the Unity Party stalwart.

A crossed session of citizens gathered as Representative Domah highlighted his engagements in the areas of Lawmaking, Representation, and Oversight, the three cardinal responsibilities of a Lawmaker, reaffirming that they are prepared to reelect him.

The lawmaker dubbed by his people as a ‘serious lawmaker’ also touched on infrastructural projects which include ongoing works on the Saclepea Guest House, annexes to the Saclepea General Market, the Blapa Peace Hall, ongoing Market projects in Fleedin,Tengbein and Buanplay respectively, completion works on the Gblah and Garwonpa Clinics respectively.

Others include the completion works on the Sackor Public School and the Gbanquoi School Extension, Completed Culvert Bridge in Yenpa, ongoing construction of the Miaplay Bonnah Peace Hall, ongoing construction of a Clinic in Behyeepea under the County Social Development Fund (CSDF), ongoing construction of the Miaplay Yeezlay Bridge under the CSDF, ongoing construction of the Fleedin Bridge under the CSDF, among many other things.

Representative Domah also elaborated on his contributions to other community projects being undertaken by communities, individuals and other institutions as well as his investments in education and youth employment, an area in which he enumerated the provision of scholarships and financial aid opportunities to thousands of students across the District and beyond.

On the other hand, the policymaker disclosed the provision of safe drinking water to scores of communities including the Wehla Community, Christian Community, Peace Community, Monoplay Community, Airfield Community, Civilized Quarter, Sanquoi and Luopa, Ylamba School, among several others.

There was a moment of interaction with citizens making comments, asking questions and making recommendations as well as additional requests for interventions.

Earlier, the hardworking Lawmaker had a Town Hall meeting in Fleedin and later served as Guest Speaker at the Student Council Government installation of the Agnes Lablah Memorial United Methodist School in Saclepea.

In keeping with his plans, the Lawmaker broke grounds for the construction of a Peace Hall in Gbanla Town, a project which immediately started and is ongoing aggressively.

He later had a meeting with the citizens of Mehnpa where among other things, he was asked by the citizens to complete their Guest House, refurbish their Peace Hall and help the young people with their office project. According to R. Cyrus Saye, the Media Officer in the office of Representative Domah, all of these requests were accepted while the citizens were asked to identify a Community Contractor who will do an estimate of what is needed to complete the different projects.

Saye said the activities continue with planned meetings with the people of Tonwin Community and Yeeganpa Community.

“True to our words, Rep. Roger SWY Domah visited Gbanla Town, broke grounds for the construction of a Peace Hall. Later, he had an engagement with Mehnpa where in keeping with the request of the Community, he accepted to complete the Community Guest House and refurbish the Community Peace Hall which is fast dilapidating,”  Saye said.

He further said, “additionally, the Youth Chairman and his team turned over an unfinished building initiated by former Representative Evans V. Koah as a midwifery home to be completed as their resource center/office. As expected, Rep. Roger Domah accepted the request of the Young People.  The last two communities to complete the day were Tonwin and Yeeganpa. In Tonwin, the Representative asked the Community to provide a parcel of land for the construction of a Youth Center which the Community requested nearly a year ago.”

“Graciously, the Community agreed to provide the land whereas, Rep. (Hon) Roger Swy Domah has already brought the cement and steel rods needed for the work while discussions are ongoing with the Community contractors. When constructed, this Youth Center will be the first of its kind in the City of Saclepea,” he said.


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