Public High School Completes 211ft broken fence Project in Maryland.

By: Emmanuel T. Quiah Maryland County

MONROVIA  Pleebo High School, the Mother School established, in 1936 in Pleebo Sodoken District, Maryland County has completed the renovation of a 211ft broken fence.

As it has been observed over the past 15 years, the institution has been struggling to complete the fencing project in the District.

The World Bank in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, through the IRISE Project, has granted 156 Public Schools across Liberia to be renovated or rehabilitated.

Among those Schools, Pleebo High School was selected and given the amount of US$55,000.00 as a grant due to her population.

The IRISE Grant Project which appeared in three phases will last for four (4) in those selected schools across Liberia.

It can be recalled in April 2021, each of those schools selected across Liberia was represented by 7 Members Committee, which include the Principal, Parent Teacher Association, Chairman, (PTA) chairman, a community leader, a businesswoman, one classroom teacher and two students both female and male from their school tag the School Management Committee (SMC).

The training which was conducted in Webbo Statutory District, in River Gee County brought together each of those members from various schools that were trained on how to use the grant.

For Pleebo High School, it major priority is the renovation of its 212ft broken fence, the repairing of 24 classroom doors, and the fixing of 275 Armchairs to enable smooth learning activities.

Meanwhile, on December 13, 2022, the IRISE, through the  Ministry of Education conducted a day-long workshop with GRC Members from various grant schools in Maryland County.

The workshop was aimed at educating Grievance Redress Committee (GRC), a seven( 7) members committee set up by each school SMC to help resolve conflict relating to the IRISE Project.

The function of the GRC according to the grant policy is to help the SMC, which is the School Management Committee in resolving grievances of people or community dwellers who might have problems or issues with the project or the manner in which the grant is used or spent.

The Seven members committee consists of the Principal, PAT chairman, student representative, religious leader, youth, and Community member, they are responsible to handle or resolve any grievance relating to the project in various schools in Maryland County.

The workshop was conducted on Monday, December 13, 2022 at Pleebo high school campus, Pleebo School District, Maryland County.

According to the facilitators, the SMC, which is the School Management Committee will be responsible to manage the grant and make sure the project is implemented properly.

The Facilitators maintained that those serving on the  GRC’s Committee should not come from the school, with the exception of the Principal and PTA chairman who will serve as Ex-officials.

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