LNRCS Donates Assorted Materials to Disaster Victims In G/Bassa County

MONROVIA-The Liberia National Red Cross Society (LNRCS) has donated assorted materials to several storm victims in Grand Bassa County District #2.

It can be recalled that on February 12, 2023, a violent storm hit District # 2 in Grand Bassa County affecting 13 Towns within the District.

According to information, at least 41 homes/structures were damaged and left at least 278 people including 137 males and 141 females homeless.

Among the affected populations are five people living with disability including two males and three females.

Presenting the assorted materials, Thursday, February 23, 2023, the Program Officer of the Liberia National Red Cross Society  Smund  R. Holt who proxy for the Secretary-General,  Gregory T. Blamoh reflected on the LNRCS assessment team report, stressing that the team has been on the ground still assessing other communities on the impact of the disaster.

“ I know that many of us are concerned about the impact of this violent storm on women, children, men, the early, and people with disability who live in the communities, our assessment so far has established that the humanitarian consequences created as a result of the storm disaster are really alarming and compelling. When a disaster of such occurred; the impact is severe, especially for vulnerable communities” he noted.

Elaborating on the negative effect as a result of the violent storm Mr. Holt told the affected communities residents and local leaders that    “Many homes have been destroyed; many of those affected are seeking temporary shelter at the homes of friends, family members, and other loved ones. The need for recovery materials is very urgent and paramount. People affected need our help to recover quickly”.

Speaking further on the LNRCS intervention the Program Officer noted “Today, we have come to render our initial assistance to the affected population. We are targeting 53 households or family heads based on their needs and we remain committed to supporting the community to fully recover from the devastating effect of the disaster. We will distribute pots, soap, toothpaste, towel, and bucket among others to the affected families”.

During the distribution of the assorted materials, Mr. Holt highlighted the vital role partners of the LNRCS  can play in allowing the Liberia National  Red Cross to make more impactful interventions to the affected communities “ we need the support of everyone to enable us to reach further and deliver better. The resources we have available currently are inadequate and we will target the most vulnerable in the first phase while we seek additional support to expand and extend our intervention”.

The Liberia National Red Cross Society Program Officer emphasized that the role of climate change in generating increasing numbers of extreme weather events is another way in which this event is, sadly, relevant to all of us, even if we do not have loved ones who are personally affected.

“The humanitarian challenges on the ground are many and we are doing everything we can with our movement partners to offer hope and support to the affected communities to ensure they recover with dignity.  We will continue to monitor the situation and to keep the communities who are experiencing personal danger and property damage in our plan” he noted.

Speaking during the distribution of the assorted materials to the victims the Commissioner of Geelgbarn Administrative District of Glarkon Statutory District of Grand Bassa County, Gordour Tarr expressed gratitude to the Liberia National Red Cross Society for coming to the aid of his people who have been victimized as a result of the violent storm that has made them homeless.

“ This is not the first time, I can remember you assisted us when one of our towns Brined down, You came to our aid as we requested you, just as you have done, I have not even expected you people here today because the time was very short, the men came here two days ago and said we will soon be back, surprisingly I saw you people this afternoon ” Commissioner Tarr speaking in a joyful mood.

Appreciating God for the humanitarian intervention by the LNRCS  to the people of Grand Bassa County District #2   Commissioner Tarr pray for God’s continual blessing upon the family of the Liberia National Red Cross Society as they uplift people who are distressed due to disaster.

Commissioner Tarr further requested from the LNRCS and other partners assist the victims with zinc so that they can be in a position to rebuild their homes.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries Emmanuel Gloglor of Juah Town extolled the Liberia National Red Cross Society for such remarkable assistance given to them.

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