Opposition Collaboration Vital For Run-Off

By: Perry B. Zordyu   Email: zordyuperryb@gmail.com

Former ruling party Vice President and Unity Party Standard-bearer, Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai has expressed confidence in the potential unifier of the opposition politicians and parties in the upcoming presidential elections.

Ambassador Boakai says he believes the desire of most citizens to defeat President George Weah in the October 10 Elections would be the catalyst that unites the much-divided opposition. The former Vice President, who is the Standard Bearer for the Unity Party, says his party is strong enough to win on the first ballot but if that doesn’t happen, the opposition might unite in the runoff. 

Supporters of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change on Friday paraded a symbolic casket around the capital, Monrovia, purporting to be that of Boakai. Boakai tells VOA, that the incident is unfortunate but not surprising.

Speaking recently in an interview with Voice of America, the Unity Party Presidential Candidate said he believes that the shared goal of unseating incumbent President George Manneh Weah will serve as a powerful incentive for the often-divided opposition to come together.

When quizzed if the Liberian opposition is divided, Ambassador Boakai termed it as mere propaganda denying any major discord within the opposition.

“I don’t know why they are eager to hear about the opposition, they talked about the opposition being divided. Let me say this, we are not divided and we do understand that there is a democracy, but as far as the Unity Party’s collaboration is concerned, we are strong enough to go into these elections,” Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai added.

The Unity Party’s optimism stems from its conviction in its ability to secure victory in the initial round of voting noting that when the need arises for a runoff election, they believe that the opposition parties would be more inclined to set aside their differences and join forces to increase their chances of defeating the incumbent.

Also committing on the provocative display, the former Vice President attributed such actions to the nature of the CDC saying it is unfortunate, because after going and signing up for a violence-free election, for you to behave like that I think it’s unfortunate, but again that’s the CDC we know how they are, but the Unity Party will never draw into that.

He however emphasized the importance of strategic collaboration for the greater good of our country calling on all opposition politicians to be resilient in the running-off of these elections by forming collaboration.

Since the official opening of the campaign, there has not been much engagement with voters as expected by various politicians something that may likely take away the true identity speculated before the pronouncement of the campaign.

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