Liberia News: TOTAL FIASCO

By: Perry B. Zordyu

Monrovia-April-26-2024-TNR: With just six days to go in the hundred day’s deliverables as promised by President Joseph Boakai, many of his allies have already started drawing lines and raising red flag on several issues for the betterment of ordinary Liberians.

One of Boakai’s confidants who massively campaign in District #5, Montserrado County, Alex Konah, has termed the 100-day deliverables as a total fiasco.

Speaking to reporters recently at his office in Paynesville, Alex Konah said the Boakai-Koung administration should easily rescue Liberians with no excuse for it was what they were elected for.

Mr. Konah furthered that over the past few months, numerous missteps under the Boakai-Koung Administration have been noticed something he said contradicts the expression “Rescue Mission,” saying “this will lead the government to total failure if proper cares are not given.”

He said, “Unlike some biased supporters of this regime, it’s clearly seen by everyone, the calculated broad day harassment of those in tenure positions, extra judicial killings of peaceful citizens, appointments of more than one person to a single position, weekly fire outbreaks and the undreamed escalation in the prices of commodities, most especially rice, our stable food. This must come to an end. We did not suffer during campaigns going to hard-to-reach places for such inhumane practice to happen to us. It is better we speak out now,” Alex Konah added.

At the same time, the former District #5 Representative Candidate in the 2023 Legislative Elections has termed as a fiasco and hardcore political scam to drug test by the Boakai-Koung Administration that is intended to rip-off mind-frame the real issues which according to him has zero impact on the lives of those that have been victimized.

“You can’t claim to be serious in the fight against illicit drug but underfunds institutions that should rehabilitate victims of illicit drug. It would be forethoughtful for our government to ensure that all members of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) and other National Security Sectors submit themselves to a drug test for in as much members of our security sectors that were employed to fight illicit drugs are partakers of this, our fight against this same very act that they unrefined habit will dissolution, armed continue to clash under self-battle and drug addicts, ghettos, moral robbery, and indiscipline will continue to augment,” Alex Konah asserted.

Meanwhile, he is calling for an independent body for the conduct of a drug test across the county to showcase total transparency in the fight.


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