Found Alive

…As Family Members Celebrate


MONROVIA-A middle age man who went missing in Grand Gedeh County has been found alive two days after he mysteriously went missing.

The man only identified as Prince in the Toe’s Town was reported missing on the 16th of February this year (2023) and was not seen until after two days.

According to a local journalist in the area, after the news broke out about the lack of knowledge on the where about of the man on the cool evening of that fateful day of February 16, 2023, family members and friends alerted the Liberia National Police (LNP) in the area on the disappearance of Prince.

“It was at this point that the Police Detachment in the area in collaboration with the family members and community dwellers launched a man-hunt in search of Prince.

So, after two days of the search for the missing man, he was later found by a group of men deep into a forest there in the country,” the local journalist is quoted as telling ELBC on the Supper Morning Show (SMS).

It was later reported that the missing man explained that he actually went missing with no foul play suspected adding that he went out into the bush and saw himself going deeper and faraway into the forest at which time he felt exhausted and lost all energy thereby suffering from hunger as he ate nothing prior to his going into the forest that fateful day.

“When I first started, I was just going far away until I got very tired and hungry where I felt severely hungry as I lost all the little energy I had because I didn’t eat anything before going into the bush that morning,” Prince is quoted as explaining to the locals in the area.

He furthered that it was only by the special grace of God that he was found alive because he really did not know his way out or back to his root.

Prince told the locals in the area that while in the deepest part of the forest where he has never been before and wondering how he could find his way out of the forest different animals, he heard some group of people in a distance off and saw that as the only God’s given opportunity for him to get out.

He, therefore, burned his last energy to scream and cried as best as possible and was heard by a man who went to his rescue and was found helpless.

Taken away unconscious, he was brought to Toe Town where he was given food and later rushed to the nearby hospital and given the needed medical attention after which he was returned to his family.

After being reunited with his family, they all thanked members of the community and officers of the Liberia National Police for their efforts.

The family members said they were grateful to God for the return of Prince alive saying, they feared that he was kidnapped and killed for alleged ritualistic purposes.

“My brother, all we can say is we are very happy and grateful to God for making us see Prince alive again because all we thought was he has been taken away by unknown people for ritualistic purposes,” one family said.

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