-V.P Taylor Speaks Tough On 2023 Elections

By: Esau J. Farr esaufarr1980@gmail.com/0770838175/0886838175

MONROVIA-The Vice President of Liberia and President of the Liberian Senate has cautioned members of the Liberian Senate and all political stakeholders to stand on the side of democracy during the electoral processes of the country.

Making an opening statement at the Capitol Building Monday during the constitutional return of members of the 54th Legislature for their sixth (6th) and final session of that august body, the Liberian Vice President urged members of the Liberian Senate to always stand on the side of democracy no matter what.

Madam Taylor told members of the Upper House that all of them who are major political players in the electoral processes of the country must ensure to embrace peace championing the cost of democracy and its tenants warning that anything that goes wrong, all of them will be responsible.

“As we go through these election processes in our country, let us all ensure that we stand on the side of democracy and respect everyone because if anything goes wrong, we will all be collectively responsible as members of the first branch of the government of Liberia during and after the 2023 Elections,” she warned.

The former Bong County Senator reminded members of the Upper House that the interest of the people of Liberia is more than the individual ambition of the members of the Legislature sitting on Capitol Hill and as such, the voices and decisions of the people of Liberia must count and be respected by all.

The President of the Liberian Senate also used the occasion and informed members of the Senate to pay keen attention to several and key legislative instruments for their kindest consideration as they return on Capitol Hill to do the business of the people of Liberia.

She named among other instruments the Draft 2023 National Budget, the Drug Law, Access to Agriculture Finance, and the timely disbursement of operational components within the respective budget lines of government ministries and agencies among others.

Madam Taylor called on the Legislature, in general, to ensure that the 2023 Budget reflects the mandate and commitment of the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, which calls for each member state to ensure that at least fifteen (15%) percent of its national budget be allocated for education.

She at the same time called for the timely appropriation and disbursement of operational components of the budget (funds) to various government ministries and agencies, especially for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoF).

According to her, Liberians stationed in foreign countries at the country’s embassies across the world receive their operational funds and salaries very late something she said poses serious challenges to embassy officials in meeting up with their economic needs and obligations as well as the cost of schooling.

On the issue of agro financing, the Liberian Vice President wants the government of Liberia to ensure that needed support is provided to farmers across the country to help reduce the problem of food security.

She said, when farmers are provided the necessary subsidies, they will be moved to work harder leading to great improvement in productivity thereby reducing hunger at an appreciable level.

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