Liberia News: Barbar Motor Milks Gov’T

…Over Cactus Motor purchase of water Trucks


The owner of Cactus Motor, Joe Barbar name has surfaced in the media again.  But this time, it is not for investment purpose, rather for   getting a huge sum of US$891,000 to purchase five  Water Trucks for  the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation(LWSC). But such payment has not gone down well with the government and  the Vice president, H.E. Jeremiah Koung  who has expressed his total displeasure about it.

This company was awarded the contract on May 5, 2022 by the previous government of CDC to purchase five new trucks for the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC). Basically,   for the purpose of supplying water to various parts in the country.  

According to the contract signed by the Mr. Duanna A. Kamara,  then Managing  Director of the entity, Justice Minister. Frank Musa Dean, Finance Minister, Samuel Tweah and Joe Barbar as supplier of Cactus Motor, was dated April 26, 2022. In that contract, it said that out of seven companies that bided, only two met the criteria, Duke Carmax and Cactus Motors; the later won the bid.

The company was to purchase five water Trucks. Out of that, three water trucks and Two Sewer Trucks   at cost of US$151,200 while each sewer truck cost US$218,700. But this has been rejected by many companies and individuals who are familiar with the prices of these Trucks.  According to some suppliers, each of the Trucks cost about US$60,000(Sixty Thousand United States dollars) as compared to what was quoted by Barbar Motor.

In fact, while the amount spent to purchase the trucks remains questionable, there is one which is yet to be delivered by Cactus Motor.

The Vice president, a former businessman rejected the amount taken by Barbar Motor.  It was considered as a broad day robbery and there are indications that some actions might be taken against Barbar Motor.

The Vice president made the statement when the official dedicatory ceremony of these Trucks took place recently in Monrovia. Strangely, during the dedicatory ceremony of the Trucks, Mr. Barbar was absent.

“Coming from a business background and being someone who has been involved with purchasing these trucks and seeing the prices of US$218,750, then I say yes this is the government because this cannot happen in any private business area. I’ve purchased some of these trucks before as a businessman [and they came] fully equipped for US$75,000 and delivered to my house. Again, maybe the one for water is different, but this is unrealistic.”

Mr. Barbar has not made any comment on the amount.  He was called several times, on his WhatsApp numbers, but there was no response.  However, sources at LWSC said he is seeking ways to get contract from the entity and other government agencies.

Sources at LWSC told this paper, “he will not get any contract from this agency under the watch of the  current managing Director with such amount he collected before.”

Vice president Koung said, spending was unacceptable. “If these trucks were Mercedes trucks from Europe and somebody tells me US$160,000, then I could agree; but not a Chinese truck which costs around US$60,000 then someone is saying that they spent US$218,750 — which I’m not doubting the amount but this can only happen in government,” VP Koung said.

Prior to entering politics, VP Koung was a business man who purchased similar Trucks and other equipment but did not pay such amount.

When contacted the managing Director for Water and Sewer, Mr. Mohammed Ali said he was astonished to see such amount paid by the entity.  PART 1

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