“Honorary Doctor Degree Not for Academic Institutions”

BY: Washington Tumay Watson-onewash9@gmail.com

MONROVIA-The Former President of the Bong Technical College, Dr. John Flomo has disclosed that an honorary degree that is conferred on an individual should not be used in any academic institution.

Dr. Flomo said only those who have earned a doctorate of philosophy, or PhDs from accredited institutions should serve in various capacities at colleges and universities.

Speaking on Ok FM 95.5,  the former Director of the University of Liberia Graduate’s Program in   Education noted that those with honorary degrees should not include their honorary degrees in their resumes when applying for jobs.

He indicated that an honorary doctoral degree is an honor given to an individual who has worked in a profession for a long period of time.

Dr. Flomo further indicated that those who have earned  Master’s Degrees can also serve as Presidents of Universities based on the professional and academic contributions of those individuals.

He also noted that universities that are not accredited by the Government, through the Commission on Higher Education in Liberia are not authorized to issue any academic credentials.

According to him, any degree contains from an unauthorized university is considered bogus.

The Former Bong County Technical College President said the policy on Higher Education gives the Commission the authority to accredit universities across the country.

Dr. Flomo, however, urged those who are pursuing their higher education, through online means to be careful, because some of those institutions are not accredited.

He disclosed that any degree obtains from those bogus universities is fake and not valid.

Dr. Flomo encouraged those pursuing higher education to ensure that such a university is accredited before enrolling to prevent obtaining fake degrees.

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