Bong District#5 Citizens Endorse Kollie’s 2023 Representative Bid

By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

Voloblah Town, Yellequelleh District-Ahead of the 2023’s Presidential and Legislative  Elections in Liberia,  politicians have started putting their arts together to waive voters in their favor,  through the establishment of political cells across the country.

With new seats to be created due to the Census Results and the 73 Representative and 15 Senatorial Seats, including the Presidency, they will be out for contests.

In District # 5, Bong County, there is a  strong signal that the political battle is getting hotter by the day.

Over eight names have emerged as contenders for the District#5 slot in the County.

Among those names who emerged to contest for the seat are, Robert B. Taylor, Nyamah A. Kollie, Lorpu Rennie, Viola Cooper Teameh, Silas Saikor, James Sao, Stave Kennedy, Eugene J. M. Kollie among others.

After reviewing his contributions and developments being initiated,  the Citizens have endorsed Kollie to quest the Representative Seat in the upcoming elections.

Reading the petition on behalf of the citizens recently, in Voloblah Town, Yellequelleh District, Victoria Sumo indicated that their decision to endorse Kollie was predicated on the huge wave of development carried out by the aspirant.

The Citizens further mentioned that Kollie is a leader who always seeks the interest of the District.

The petitioners named the provisions of scholarships to  High School and University Students, the construction of town halls, and bridges, the construction of farm-to-market roads, and the donation of medical supplies to health facilities in the district, and some personal interventions to citizens by Mr. Kollie as some of the reasons why they have chosen to support him.

“ It is now time that we support somebody like Honorable Eugene J. M. Kollie, who we see as a beacon of hope for the district’s socioeconomic and political emancipation, especially when the incumbent  Representative Edward W. Karfiah is not contesting for the District seat,”  the citizens said in their petition.

The Citizens believe that by rendering support to the Representative Bid of Kolleh, the District will hugely benefit.

According to the citizens, as the country approaches the pending 2023 Elections, they have a moral duty to ensure that those who lead them should be individuals with integrity, experience, and the requisite qualifications.

“Many politicians are moving around the district spewing falsehood and making promises that they cannot be fulfilled. So we will not allow people to lie to us,” they noted.

Accepting the Petition, Eugene J. M. Kollie noted that once the residents have expressed their interest, he welcomed it and will represent the interest of the people.

“So with your petition today, I (Eugene J. M. Kollie) have agreed to contest the Representative seat of District #5 in 2023, Bong County,” he noted.

He commended the citizens of  Yellequelleh for the decision taken to support his quest.

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