E&J Medical Center In Ganta Conducts Free Surgery


About one hundred and seventy-five (175) patients have benefitted from a week long free hernia surgery at the Esther and Jereline Medical Center in Ganta, Nimba County.

The exercise was carried out by a Medical Team comprising Spanish Doctors.

According to a local journalist in the commercial city, the team was named by the administration of the medical center as “Lua” in the local Gio vernacular which means ‘Blessing’.

Speaking at a farewell program, the General Administrator of the Hospital, Victor W. Kpaiseh lauded the team for the job well done.

He said the team was named “Lua” because its stay at the facility was a blessing not only to citizens of Nimba, but Liberia at large.

“We are overly happy and our joy is overflowing. All we want to say is a very big thank you. You have done more than excellent. The name Lua is not only for this team, but for Hernia International,” he said.

Kpaiseh said it was the first of its kind for his administration to give name to team visiting the facility since the exercise kicked off in 2017. He described the team as a “complete blessing” to the hospital

For his Part, the Chief Medical Officer of the Hospital, Dr. Peter Matthew George thanked Hernia International for its continued partnership with the entity.

He appealed to the Head of the Team, Dr. Caesar Ramirez to take the hospital as his Own.

“This hospital is striving and I want the people of Nimba and Liberia to join me in begging Dr. Caesar Ramirez to take this Hospital as his own. I started this long and I want to see it successful. Dr. Caesar from today, this Hospital belongs to you and we want you to be one of the board members of this hospital. You don’t have to be here. You can be in Spain and render us whatever support you can afford,” he added.

Also Speaking, the Chief Executive Officer of E&J and Nimba County District#1 Representative Jeremiah Koung expressed delight over the level of work done by the team and prayed that the almighty God will continue to bless the team.

“No one can pay you for the work you did, only God will repay you,” Rep. Koung told the team.

He revealed that negotiations are ongoing with central government to take over the facility.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, Anthony Wongbay expressed heartfelt gratitude to the hospital administration for the opportunity provided them to go through a free medical service which he said they have no money to pay for.

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