“Identify your Passion”


-Rep. Jurry Cautions TU Students

Maryland County electoral district#1 Representative P. Mike Jurry has cautioned Students of the Management and Public Administration College of the Tubman University to identify their passion and sustain it.

Speaking during an honoring and gowning program organized by the Management and Public Administration College of the Tubman University in Maryland County, Representative Jurry called on the prospective graduates, students and graduates of the University to identify the challenges that hinder their passion.

Representative Jurry pointed out that there is a need for the students to bridge the gap between their passion and career as it is one of the means that would make them contribute meaningfully to the forward march of the Country.

The Harper City Lawmaker noted that the students need to focus on their passion and put in more time to develop their full capacity so as to be useful for the job market.

Representative Jurry said they shared the same experiences with the prospective graduates and students of the University on the need to invest heavily in career development.

He indicated that by bridging the gap between passion and career would motivate and encourage the students to perform excellently and effectively at their various job places.

The Maryland County Lawmaker admonished the gathering that it is only passion that drives one to obtaining higher heights in their profession.

Representative Jurry stressed the need for students to have experience on what to do and the difference between theories and practical.

He mentioned that the program is a regular exercise that is meant to inspire, encourage and motivate the prospective graduates and students of the Management and Public Administration College of the Tubman University before leaving the walls.

Jurry revealed that as an Alumnus of the Institution, he remains committed to contributing to the growth and development of Tubman University.

The Maryland County Lawmaker vowed to expand the career programs and other academic activities of the university so that graduates of the learning center will compete progressively with their counterparts.

Meanwhile, Representative Jurry has promised to work with his colleagues at the House of Representatives to ensuring that the university receives more budgetary allocation to cater to the academic needs of both the students and faculty.

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