EDUCATION AND YOU Innovation For Better Look of Education

By Besha Kalinda Kibungu
The school year 2020-2021 is a new start towards the production of excellent students, those we usually referred to as ‘future leaders.’
To have students learning and improving their skills in reading writing and other extra curriculum activities, the proper environments need to be created.
One school that has made it its business to providing students with a perfect learning environment is The Living Water Baptist School System which is located in Congo Town- it is right near the Old Road Market in Monrovia.
The institution has made it a part of their activities to have a medical room for their students, but that’s not all- they also have a Library and Agriculture courses, these are programs that were never at the institution since its establishment as a place for learning.
Mr. Okan M. Bestman is the Principal at the institution who informed this colonialist that the Living Water Baptist School System was established 1980.

Mr. Bestman boosted that they currently have more than five hundred students.
What necessitated the medical room for kids attending the school, Mr. Bestman said it was important to ensure that their kids remain safe pointing to the ongoing fight with the pandemic ‘COVID-19’.
The medical room accordingly is intended for students and teachers to receive primary health care to stabilize them when the need arises while Library and reading room is intended for students and teachers to document and enrich their skills of reading and research.
As additionally means of preparations of the ‘ future leaders’ the institution has introduced course in Agriculture- the agriculture targets students from 9th grade to 11th grade, “Because we observe that many people refuse to go back to the soil to grow more food, Agriculture lesson, theory and practice to help our children to love agriculture work.”
In fact, education remains the most solicit area for the reconstruction of Liberia educational system.
The spirit of improvement the educational system of Liberia and changing the system for the betterment of our kids is also reflected at school, this is done by bringing new equipment or strategies onboard.
However, innovation in schools is an example and course for bothstudent and teachers, when you apply for sciences revolution.
On 23rd of December 2020, Education Minister AnsuSonii, in his launch about temporary payment of teacher’s salary forcovid-19 lock down period, he revealed that starting 2021 school year,student’s grade files will be submitted to the West African Examination Council before their passage to grade six. The ideal according to the Education boss is intended to have only competitive students in 12th grade.
But, how schools are prepare this year to follow this mandate from education minister is a million dollar question for all schools in Liberia as schools have reopened few week now, but said basic requirement from the Minister Sonii has not been observed by school administrators.

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