EDITORIAL:Commending Heroine Public Works Minister Ruth Collins 

Commending Heroine Public Works Minister Ruth Collins 

LATE MARGARET THATCHER, EX-Prime Minister of Great Britain, Michele Bachelet, ex-President of Chile, late Ruth Sando Belleh, ex-Chairman of Liberia’s Transitional Government, late Angie Brooks Randolph, ex-Liberian Ambassador to the United Nations and many other women leaders dead and alive remain local and global legacies, not for being privileged to occupy various positions, but proven record of excellence and brilliance in roles served with dignity and moral quality. By their immaculate performance on the stage presented them, these female generals epitomized and manifested the hidden qualities of women when given the hiatus to perform.


TODAY, OTHER FEMALES, MAYBE in their own uniqueness, or perhaps following the footsteps of these women of valor and substance are distinguishing themselves, performing at the highest quality level in whatever responsibilities and duties assigned to them for the common good of the country and people. With no prejudice, their performances only bear true witness to the fact that women are as good as men when provided the requisite ambiance to execute given tasks. It also testifies to women’s conviction that they have the wherewithal, the versitality, the educational and technical dexterity in ways that transform mindsets and dispel suspicion.


THERE IS NO DENYING absolutely that arguments about her qualification, technical know-how, capability and ability to perform marred the preferment of Madam Ruth Corker Collins following the demise of the indisputably indefatigable workaholic late Public Works Minister, Mobutu Vlah Nyepan (May his soul ret in peace). Most Liberians from the political divide did not belly the belief that she was the most appropriate candidate that could wear the shoes and fill the vacuum created by the passing of the late Minister Nyepan.

THIS SUSPICIION WAS COMPOUNDED by the prolonged delay by President George Manneh Weah to appoint her as Public Works Minister proper, though she had already seized the moment, rose to the occasion to prove critics wrong in the capacity as Acting Minister. Just within few months as the Country’s 2nd female Public Works Minister, Madam Collins is demonstrating a very high level quality performance comparable to her predecessor. Madam Collins’ performance has just brought out that unique inextricabilities in her professional and technical astuteness as an engineer who can perform at an excellent speed and precision.

SHE IS A PROUD Liberian woman who is working and positioning herself for national hall of fame, setting that high standards, that bar for her peers in other public space to ‘reset the button†for posterity, untainted legacy and national recognition. Â Yes, the current Minister of Public Works deserves, in our mind, uncontested commendation by all Liberians, regardless of politics and interest, for such heroic and surpassing performance under extreme circumstances. Though there are stirring challenges, Madam Collins and her team of engineers and experts are enduring sleepless nights and long hours of work to do what is required, ensuring that the government’s development agenda, specifically is realizable.

FOR US, THERE IS no better time to express sincere commendations to the Minister for the level of work done and continues to do, with the meager availability of resources, in the supreme interest of the country . We are convinced that she has proven beyond all reasonable doubts the possessed qualities and abilities the Ministry’s performance record to an appreciable level, far more than what it has been before her ascendancy.

OUR GREATEST PLEA IS that she should not be deterred or get complacent, but rather keep her head above troubled waters, in making sure that every piece of road is touched in order to alleviate the constraints Liberians are enduring in moving from place to place. Equally so, we would like to urge the general public to give maximal cooperation to the Minister and her team, and at the same exercise great deal of patience as the Ministry carries on the Herculean task of roads construction, maintenance and rehabilitation. Yes, Minister Colins is heroine for quality performance. Â


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