2024, A Year Of Optimism


Just in a week, Liberians and other citizens of the world will be ushering in a new year, the year 2024, which promises to be a year of hope, prospect and optimism following the heated political campaign and subsequent elections in 2023 which was won by opposition leader Joseph Nyumah Boakai of the Unity Party.

What makes the new year a year of optimism is that for the second time in our nation’s history after 47 years, a sitting President, George Manneh Weah conceded defeat to opposition leader Boakai even as the results of the election was still being counted by the electoral body. As a result, Liberia will be transitioning from one regime to another, a new regime which has promised to rescue the Liberian people after six years of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) leadership.

First, as we prepare ourselves to enter the year 2024, we must give God the glory for his bountiful blessings that enable us cross over to 2024, bearing in mind that 2023 was a year of serious tension as a result of the most contentious Presidential and Legislative Elections between incumbent George M. Weah and his then main challenger, Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai who subsequently won the elections.

The elections were marred by series of violent situation thus, claiming the lives of some of our fellow compatriots with properties being damaged during the heat of the political campaign. Yet, with His mercy and grace, we made it to the New Year with a new administration of former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai who has promised to resuscitate our nation’s economy and restore the hope of thousands of hopeless Liberians mostly the young people many of whom have turned to narcotic substances for answer.

The hope of a New Year in which Liberians especially the young people will realize their full potential, where our nation will once more blossom, is the kind of New Year we envisage as a nation. Our hope for the year 2024 is the sustainability of the 20 years of peace Liberians continue to enjoy since the end of the nearly 14 years of devastating civil unrest that devastated every fabric of the society, An improved economy, the total eradication of corruption which continue to eat every fabric of the society, and the rule of law, among others.

As we get set to enter the New Year, and at the same time welcoming a new administration under the abled leadership of veteran politician, Joseph N. Boakai, we remain optimistic that Liberia will find itself on the right path where the government will work for its citizens by empowering them, creating jobs by ensuring a smooth environment for the coming in of investors. Our nation has gone through a lot and any other thing done to undermine the little the efforts the country has made will be counterproductive to the growth and development of the country.

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