MONROVIA-A man identified as James Gweh Jr.  in Zuolay, district nine, Nimba County, took away his life  due to frustration.

According to a letter  seen on his lifeless  body,  he supported  his wife, Saybah, to do business in Monrovia, but to his surprise, she entered into another relationship. When he heard the news, he became frustrated.  So, unable to withstand the frustration, he used a single barrel gun to take away his life.

His wife, he used to love her dearly and  did everything  in his power to satisfy her. But, little did he know that she was in love with one man in Monrovia, where she had come to sell at Gobachov market.

According to a letter  which eyewitnesses saw on his lifeless body,  when he saw that Saybah was in relationship, he told her to move back to Nimba. She agreed, but upon returning, she decided to leave him and return to his Monrovia new man.

What made him more sad, according to the  letter was her refusal to give him some of the cash he gave her to  do business. The money  he sponsored her came from the  sugarcane farm he made.

Please see the letter he wrote before his death.


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