Double Deal

MONROVIA-The former Manager of the Buchanan Port,  Charles Gull has admitted clandestine double deal during his administration.

Mr. Gull refuted claim that he took away three hundred thousand United States Dollars from the National Port Authority.

According  to Gull , from a dual deal allegedly    involving staffs  of Arcelor Mittal   and  that of the him  with the alleged  consent  of  his boss,  they  generated three  hundred  thousand United States Dollars   that was placed  in an extra account  to a bank  that  name was not disclosed. After that he, was given  US$30.000( thirty thousand  United States Dollars) as his share.

Speaking on the spoon talk show Wednesday Night the former Manager of the Buchanan Port narrated how the double deal transpired.

“When I took over  the Job , we took almost a month plus  to get  to know what we need to do and everything was setup; so why trying  to go   around  to see what  to do, I walked on the rack and I saw  this vessel that was birth northern miles breakwater; so I called my Port Facility Officer  Emmanuel Davids to know what  the vessel was doing on the water for  the past few months; he said  the vessel is own by Arcelor Mittal , it is birth there for transshipment” he noted..

Mr. Gull disclosed  that he was informed  that  the transshipment vessel had been an  without paying tariff because  it was not  in  the  Concession agreement with Arcelor Mittal

“So I said , I will rise  the argument  for  them  to pay tariff , so  We wrote Mittal, before writing them, I told my Finance Manager   to bill Arcelor Mittal   on the regular tariff , like when vessel is on the pear “he said.

Mr.Gull further indicated that a six hundred thousand United States Dollars bill was rise and   attach to a communication send to the Management of   to Arcelor Mittal.

“ upon  the receipt  of the communication by Management of   to Arcelor Mittal ,Weekly Doe  the Operations   Manager  said  they were not going  to pay , because  it was not in the Concession agreement  with  the Liberian Government  and  it was true because such was not  in the agreement so I just forget about  it because  there were nothing  to back me  in pursuing  the argument” Gull indicated .

According  to Gull, few weeks   he  was allegedly  call by Mr. Doe  for him (Gull)  to talk  to his  boss Bill  Twehway so  that  they at  the level of Arcelor Mittal  can lobby  with  their boss , only  if  his  boss  could  guarantee  that  ten percent  of  the amount was going  to be given them upon receiving the money.

“I said ok , this is not a bad deal , even  at the IMF, at the world Bank , when people are going for a grant or loan  people within the system can help  them to get  the grant but with a percentage ,  they do  that, So I explain   to my boss about  the entire deal  and  he consented  with  the guys” he narrated.

Mr. Gull further said  the negotiators  at Arcelor Mittal  talked  to their Boss,  the Chief Executive Officer  who requested  for  a meeting  with  the NPA Management.

“So when  I was informed  that   Arcelor Mittal  CEO  requested  for a meeting , I informed my boss  and he told me  that  he was going out of the country along  with  the President  so I can go on with  the meeting ; so Arcelor Mittal  CEO   came  to my office  and   the meeting was held ,  and  they agreed  to pay, but  not  the six hundred thousand United States Dollars , but  to paid  50percent , and we will have an MOU  going forward” he said.

He told the public that  from  the meeting  and  with  the consent  from his boss , a team was formulated  with  the objective  of  drafting   the MOU  for such payment.

He said in line with the MOU, the money was put in Buchanan Port Operations account.

“March 4th 2019, US$3000  was paid to the account only I and my  Financial  Manager were  signatories  to the account, So when the money came , I informed my boss  and he told me  that he was going  to get back  to me” Gull said.

Mr. Gull however disclosed  that he had a visit  to the United States of America   that of which  he informed  his boss regarding  the travel  with surprised according  to him,  his boss Bill Twehway told him  to go  to  the controller of  the National Port Authority  where  he was given five thousands United States Dollars .

“ I was in  the states  when my boss call me  to come back to Liberia  and transferred  the money  to  the controller  that of which I instructed my Finance  Manager to do through a check “he noted.

Additionally Gull disclosed  that Arcelor Mittal in line with  the agreement paid  over a million United States Dollars  without  the Managing Director  of the National Port Authority giving  the ten percent  those staffs of Mittal  who negotiated  for  the dual.

He further disclosed that the an international inspection team  were to inspect the Port of Buchanan  that of which  he informed  the MD, and  that of the controller  who informed  him  that  there  was  no money for  that work .

Mr. Gull said as a means of keeping the Port up to date before the inspection by the American Cost   Guard to keep the Port level at one.

According  to him, if  the inspection was to be  done without upgrading  the port , the port was  growing  to  be graded level two   that was going  to prevent setting  vessels from duking  that was going   to reduce revenue generation.

“ Because of that  I instructed  the Financial  Manger withdrew   nine thousands United States Dollars   from  the account  to upgrade  the port, when  the Controller  check  the Account   he disclosed  that such amount were withdrew , so he informed my boss  and I told him  that I use  the money  to upgrade the port  because  the  inspection”. He indicated.

According to him, because of such transaction the MD wrote the Arcelor Mittal Management   not to depose in the operation account.

He said on  June 20, 2020   the vessel left  total  from  the port something  that prompted him  to  engaged his  boss regarding  those guys percentage according  to GULL  his    got angry with me.

“In November  2020 ,  the guys when  to my financial  man so  that he could   rise  a bill  of hundred Thousands United States Dollars  so  that  they can get something because my boss  did not give  them  their ten percent from the previous agreement . so I informed my boss and he agreed      the money  in a check , but  the guys said  they were not willing  for it  to go  in the NPA Account , so instructed my Financial Manager  to open an account  as soon as we take  the money out ,  it will be closed, so one  from the bank  informed my boss  that Arcelor Mittal has deposit the   money in private  account  for  the port, if he was aware , and he called me  and I told it was  those guys  that I told you about, I was given a shear of 30  thousands united States Dollars , I do not want  to lie “he noted.

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