“Weah Step Down Planners Begging For Political Prisoners”


-Min. Nagbe Asserts

By Joyclyn Wea

The Government of Liberia says it will resist any protest or violence action intended for President George Weah to step-down as head of state of Liberia.

The Government of Liberia indicated that it will never tolerate the scene at Catholic junction on October 3, 2019 which led to police officers injury as it would use the necessary force apportion to her to stop any act of violence.

Speaking in a news conference recently, Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe mentioned that planners of the pending December 30, 2019 Weah’s step-down protest are begging for political prisoners; something they as government will do.

According to Nagbe, President Weah will not step down December 30, 2019 on grounds that the government has the legal capacity and law on her side to ensure the peace of the nation is kept.

He bewailed “December 30 has turned to 2023 to them but that’s not going to happen we will not allow any illegal attempt to remove the president. We will not allow it to work because if we do that it will mean that the president is not doing his job.”

Minister Nagbe further mentioned that it is not the matter of justice but rather thirst for undemocratic power and strategy by the opposition to get what they did not acquired democratically.

He maintained that election is the only pathway to remove the President as any order way will be resisted by this government saying “Democracy is an orderly form of government it is not disorderly.”

“The mama who says the baby will not sleep that mama will not sleep. Government will not go after the group anyway but rather the aider and abider. Those who aid and abide will be dealt with as well,” Minister Nagbe.

Nagbe encourages planners of the December 30 to use democratic mean to remove the president when the time is right and that is through the ballot box. TNR

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