Vacancy for Consultant



Vacancy for Consultant

Conduct research on Improved Charcoal Production Technology that best suits Liberia.

Date: April 27, 2021

Terms of Reference

About the National Charcoal Union of Liberia

Since its establishment in 2004, the National Charcoal Union of Liberia (NACUL) has been striving to bring Charcoal Producer and groups together. This is in order to formulate and present their views on issues affecting them and other disadvantaged groups. Additionally, The Union addresses other political, socio- economic issues that may have serious negative implications on the Liberian people with linkages to charcoal production. Since then, officers and members of NACUL deeply concerns about the plight of Local forestry producers including charcoal producers, sellers, buyer and distributor (both women and men). This also takes into consideration the youth and other disadvantage groups. The Union is  committed to working together closely with farmers’ groups and other relevant entities; including the Forestry Development Authority (FDA);  Ministries of Agriculture (MOA); Mines and Energy(M&E); Internal Affair (MIA);the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); the Rural Renewable Energy Agency (RREA);  and Farmers Union Network  of Liberia FUN) as one team to actively participate in action oriented activities/programs to ensure  the realization of the goals, aspirations, and objectives for the fulfilment of the charcoal producers rights and that  of other  disadvantaged  groups.

Study Objective

Desk and field-based research on the current method of charcoal production regarding sustainable charcoal production and recommend a new innovative improved method that best suit Liberia through the engagement of stakeholders including FDA, EPA, RREA, NACUL, and FAO to assess their perceptions on the current level of knowledge regarding the impacts of the charcoal sector with regards to sustainability and improved technology.

Specific Study Activities


  1. Conduct desk review on the current method of charcoal production in Liberia and major charcoal producing countries in Africa (e.g.Nigeria, Ethiopia, DRC, Tanzania, Ghana…) or countries with some major interventions in sustainable charcoal production in recent years (e.g. Kenya, Uganda…).
  2. Engage with stakeholders to assess their perceptions on the current level of knowledge regarding the impacts of the charcoal sector with regards to sustainability and improved technology.
  3. Recommend a new innovative improved method(s) that best suit Liberia.
  4. Train and demonstrate the use of the innovated improved method with charcoal producer.
  5. Research report


Expected Output

A comprehensive report detailing some improved appropriate technologies that contribute to climate mitigation and climate resilience for forest and farm producer’s organizations and integration with inclusive livelihood approaches for Sustainable forest management and Charcoal Producers trained in the innovative and improved production method.


Work plan

The consultant is expected to prepare an inception report with a detailed work plan that shall guide the process. This work plan will describe how the study will be carried out that includes work schedule, methodology and reporting and agree on timeline within five months from June to October 2021. The consultant will have a meeting with the Union’s Management.


Qualification/experiences and competency of the consultant

The consultant to be involved in this assignment should demonstrate the ability to carry out this study with enough experience in similar studies. The candidate must have the proven capability of:

  • Undertaking studies and producing consistent high-quality reports
  • Demonstrated experience of forest resource economics, forest management as it relates to resource utilization (charcoal production).
  • Understanding of charcoal production technologies in African region preferably in Liberia
  • A clear understanding of charcoal production technologies for forest management in line with the charcoal regulations in Liberia.
  • Understanding of Climate Change

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