Samukai Seeks Weah’S Intervention

BY:Washington Tumay

MONROVIA- Lofa County Senator –Elect, Brownie Samukai has changed his radical approach in   seeking his certification by the National Election Commission as senator of Lofa County.

The former Defense Minister of Liberia during the Leadership of former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf   is facing legal battle on misappropriation    of funding belonging to members of the Arm Forces of Liberia.

The legal battle  from both  the Liberian Government  and   some  citizens  of Lofa County  that have prevented his certification by  the National Elections Commission   for about eight months,  including a petition filed by some citizens of Lofa County   to  the supreme court  to declare  the county senatorial seat vacant,  has cause  the senator –elect Samukai  to divert  from radical  to political seeking  the intervention of president George Weah.

Speaking on  the spoon Talk recently Samukai said  if  given  the opportunity  by president Weah  to grant him an invitation to discuss    he will be willing  to come back home quickly  to honor such invitation  by  the president.

According  to Mr. Samukai , he had not have  the opportunity  to have a conversation with  president Weah over  the years,  saying  that at  the time during  the war  he was living  on  the ninth street  in sinker,  he use  to visit president Weah   event at his Paynesville residence in  the past.

He further disclosed that since president Weah became Liberian Leader and following   the senatorial elections that of which he was declare winner by the National Elections Commission, he is yet to have a conversation       with president Weah.

The Lofa County Senator –Elect Samukai said he will work with the Liberian Government wants he take his seat through the certification by the National Elections Commission.

Mr. Samukai further disclosed that he will cooperate with the Government in achieving its developmental agenda for the people of Lofa if taking his seat.

“we want  to assure  the Government , the president and all of our colleagues that Lofa County  is part of Liberia,  that  the senators  are part of  the government ,we will like  to work with  the government in the interest  of  the people of Lofa County” he indicated.

Speaking  on  the Legal issue , Samukai  said   the Supreme Court of Liberia  is  entertain everything, stressing  that Liberia  is  the only country  that  the Supreme Court entertain everything.

He said his only hope into the legal matter against him, is for him   to look at it from the political stand.

“Samukai  is going  to say publicly here today ,if anybody   tell you  I am going  to be obstacles  to  the government that person is a  liar , I will not be an obstacle  to  the government ,I will not be an obstacle  to  the plans and programs for  the development agenda  for  the people of Lofa County, how can I oppose  the development of our roads ,  the taking care of our hospitals , scholarships” he said.

According to him, working together with the government to bring positive benefits for the people of Lofa County.

Samukai said, he will work with his ability to bring progress in the government.

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